Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway

Trevor Schoonmaker
Palgrave Macmillan, 4 .. 2003 - 208 ˹
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Combine elements of Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba you get a sense of the power of the world's wildest rockstar. Fela created Afrobeat, an infectious mix of American funk and jazz with traditional Yoruba and highlife music, and used it to rail against the corrupt, hypocritical Nigerian government. Repeatedly targeted by police and military for his rebellious, counter-culture lifestyle, he created a political party and seceded from the Nigerian state, renaming his commune the independent "Kalakuta Republic." Cultural icon and beloved hero of the pan-African world, Fela loomed large: captivating enormous crowds with electric performances (in Speedos or superfly suits), cherished by musicians from Paul McCartney to Mos Def, mourned by millions after his death from AIDS in 1997. These essays explore his fiery life and ever-growing legacy.

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Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway

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Fela Anikulapo-Kuti will probably never be as much a household name in the West as Bob Marley was and still is, but he was a true African and Third World superstar for almost 30 years until his death ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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ǡѺ (2003)

Trevor Schoonmaker is an independent curator living in New York. He is director of the Fela Project, a multimedia project on the influence of Fela Kuti.