Annual Report of the Missouri State Board of Agriculture, 42

Missouri State Board of Agriculture, 1910

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˹ 297 - ARTICLE VII Amendments. This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of voting members present.
˹ 68 - We hear on every hand the statement that the high cost of living is now perhaps one of the most important factors to be taken into account in the future development of our national life.
˹ 341 - How can the life of the farm family be made less solitary, fuller of opportunity, freer from drudgery, more comfortable, happier, and more attractive? Such a result is most earnestly to be desired. How can life on the farm be kept on the highest level, and where it is not already on that level, be so improved, dignified and brightened as to awaken and keep alive the pride and loyalty of the farmer's boys and girls, of the farmer's wife, and of the farmer himself? How can a compelling desire to live...
˹ 253 - The sectional drawing will show more clearly than printed description the manner of making the "bridge." RECIPE FOR STANDARD GRAFTING WAX. Melt together four parts (by weight) of resin, two parts of bees wax and one part of tallow. Pour the mixture into a pail or tub of cold water. As the mass begins to cool so that it can be handled, grease the hands with tallow and pull and work the lump of wax until it becomes quite light in color. Form into small balls or sticks for convenient use. This wax will...
˹ 300 - As to the details of installing a water system, there are a number of points that must be kept in mind. In the first place it must be...
˹ 261 - It is ot'tc'u difficult to get hogs to eat ra^e at first if they have not been accustomed to it. For this reason it is not looked upon with favor by some breeders.
˹ 270 - hen hawk' is a misnomer so far as the bird to which it is chiefly applied is concerned. Moreover, it is made the excuse by the farmer's boy and the sportsman for killing every hawk, large or small, that flies. Thousands of these useful birds are killed annually by thoughtless men for no better reason than that, when sitting motionless, they offer an easy target for the small rifle or, flying, present a tempting mark for the shotgun. So far has popular misapprehension in regard to these birds gone,...
˹ 260 - ... causes sores and scabs on the hogs. Sometimes the skin has the appearance of being blistered. This is especially true of white hogs. This difficulty can be remedied somewhat by removing the hogs to other pasture crops for part of .the time and applying a mixture of sulphur and lard to the sores. . As one of the annual forage crops rape is valuable on account of the cheapness of the pasture, the quantity of feed furnished, the general thriftiness of the hogs on the pasture, and because it adds...
˹ 69 - Such close and careful cultivation as will yield the highest profit per acre can best be given to land when it is cultivated in comparatively small farms. The greater the number of prosperous farmers the greater will be the prosperity of every business man.
˹ 282 - ... and that in the spring the plant-lice are strictly dependent upon a species of ant, Lasius alienus, which mines along the principal roots of the corn, collects the plant-lice, and conveys them into these burrows, and there watches and protects them. Without the aid of these ants the plant-lice were unable to reach the roots of the corn.