Annual Report of the President and Treasurer



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˹ 9 - Louisiana, that within thirty days after the passage of this act, the Governor of the State, with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint five competent persons to serve as a Board of Arbitration and Conciliation in the manner hereinafter provided.
˹ 16 - And because founders of colleges do plant and founders of lectures do water, it followeth well in order to speak of the defect which is in public lectures ; namely, in the smallness and meanness of the salary or reward which in most places is assigned unto them ; J whether they be lectures of arts, or of professions.
˹ 41 - The leading object of the corporation hereby created shall be to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, including military tactics ; in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life. But such other branches of science and knowledge may be embraced in the plan of instruction and investigation pertaining to the university as the trustees may deem useful and proper.
˹ xii - ... progressively the standard of preparation and to secure uniformity of requirements among institutions has become a conspicuous feature in the administration of the system of entrance examination by such institutions as Harvard and Yale and such organizations as the College Entrance Examination Board of the Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of the Middle States and Maryland, and similar institutions and bodies. (B) But as the use of examinations grew more thorough and more definite...
˹ 14 - Ph.D. in 1892, and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in 1895.
˹ 6 - ... public universities were established in all of the newer states. The people laid the foundations of comprehensive educational systems, and crowned the systems with public universities. The potential power of all this has not been realized until the coming of wealth within the last twenty-five years. Forty-six years ago the general government provided a gift of thirty thousand acres of land to each state for each senator and representative in Congress, upon condition that the state would use the...
˹ lxiv - ... efficient agencies for agricultural education and research. And if New York State is to maintain its reasonable position in agriculture, it must continue to provide for such agencies in an adequate and even liberal manner. JACOB GOULD SCHURMAN, President of Cornell University. REPORT OF THE DEAN OF THE NEW YORK STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE To the President of the University: Sir: I have the honor to submit the accompanying report of the New York State College of Agriculture for the year 1915-16.
˹ 35 - ... information at present largely lies fallow, because it has not been brought directly to the man on the farm with sufficient force to grip him with the conviction that forces immediate action. This opportunity is the field for agricultural extension, and as Commissioner Draper of New York has well said : The schools, from highest to lowest, should act in accord not only in training students and in scientific research, but in carrying knowledge to the very doors of the farmers. Evangelistic w-ork...
˹ 16 - ... them ; whether they be lectures of arts, or of professions. For it is necessary to the progression of sciences that readers be of the most able and sufficient men ; as those which are ordained for generating and propagating of sciences, and not for transitory use. This cannot be, except their condition and endowment be such as may content the ablest man to appropriate his whole labour and continue his whole age in that function and attendance...
˹ 35 - The schools, from the highest to lowest, should act in accord, not only in training students and in scientific research, but in carrying knowledge to the very doors of the farmers. Evangelistic work in agriculture should go everywhere. Seed specials should be run over the railroads. The blood of the best farm animals should be distributed throughout the State. Object lessons of special interest to both men and women should be carried in all directions. The applications should be especially adapted...