List of Trees and Shrubbery on the General Planting Plan at the Masonic Home of the R.W. Grand Lodge F & A.M. of Pennsylvania at Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

1912 - 12 ˹
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˹ 14 - Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new; You who are weary of sorrow and sinning, Here is a beautiful hope for you, A hope for me and a hope for you.
˹ 6 - Said scrip or certificates of indebtedness shall be issued as registered bonds or with interest coupons attached, and shall bear interest not exceeding four per cent.
˹ 13 - Jurisdiction of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania...
˹ 8 - Board" for operation on this line and to be built in accordance with plans and specifications to be approved by the United States Shipping Board.
˹ 1 - Balance on hand, January i, 1893 $8 87 Meetings. One special and ten regular meetings have been held during the year, at which there has been an average attendance of twenty-six. At the regular meeting of May, the Section's By-Laws were amended by changing the time for regular meetings from the first to the fourth Tuesday of each month, excepting July and August. Papers. The following is a list of the papers that have been presented at the meetings of the Section...
˹ 13 - Dollars, and I hereby direct that this bequest shall be free and discharged of and from all commissions, charges and collateral inheritance taxes.
˹ 1 - Communication of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, held...