Chaldean Magic: Its Origin and Development

Weiser Books, 15 .. 1999 - 448 ˹
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This Weiser classic reprint of the 1877 publication of Lenormant's La Magie Chez les Chaldeens is a scholarly exposition of the magical practices, religious systems and mythology of the Chaldeans of ancient Assyria. It explores the translation of a large table from the library of the royal palace at Nineveh, containing 28 formulas of deprectory incantations against evil spirits, the effects of sorcery, disease, and the principal misfortunes that attack people in the course of daily life.


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The Magic and Sorcery of the Chaldeans
The Chaldean Demonology
Chaldean Amulets and their Uses
Chaldean Sorcery and its Dual Nature
Comparison of the Egyptian with the Chaldean Magic
Contrasts between Egyptian and Chaldean Magical Systems
The Magic of the Ritual of the Dead
The Accadian Language
Differentiation of the Accadian and its allied Languages
Altaic affinities of the Accadian Language
Accadian and Altaic affinities
Phonology of the Accadian Language
The origin of the KushitoSemitic religion
The two Ethnic elements in the Babylonian nation
The Origin of the ChaldaioBabylonian Cosmogonies

Contrasts between Accadian and Egyptian Magic CHAP IX The ChaldaioBabylonian religion and its doctrines CHAP X Development of the Chaldea...
The religious System of the Accadian Magic Books
The Origin of the Myth of the
The Mythology of the Underworld
The Religions and the Magic of the Turanian Nations
The Early Median Mythology compared with that of the Chaldeans
FinnoTartarian CHAP Magical Mythology CHAP XVII Further Analysis of Finnish Demonology
The Accadian People and their Language
The Priority of the Accadian Population of Chaldea
The Sumirían Influence in Chaldean and Babylonian Civilization
The Influence of the Kushite Mythology in Chaldean Faith
The Turanians in Chaldea and Ancient Asia
The Archaic Legislation of the Accadians
APPENDIX Sumir and Accad

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