Goethe-Jahrbuch, 6

Ludwig Geiger
Rütten & Loening, 1885


Դ繨ҡ - ¹Ԩó

辺Ԩó 觢ŷ

Ѻ - ٷ


˹ 286 - Where then, ah! where shall poverty reside, To scape the pressure of contiguous pride? If to some common's fenceless limits strayed, He drives his flock to pick the scanty blade, Those fenceless fields the sons of wealth divide, And even the bareworn common is denied
˹ 286 - The man of wealth and pride Takes up a space that many poor supplied; Space for his lake, his park's extended bounds, Space for his horses, equipage, and hounds; The robe that wraps his limbs in silken sloth Has robbed the neighbouring fields of half their growth; His seat, where solitary sports are seen, Indignant spurns the cottage from the green
˹ 279 - In arguing, too, the parson owned his skill, For even though vanquished, he could argue still; While words of learned length and thundering sound Amazed the gazing rustics ranged around.
˹ 282 - Thus to my breast alternate passions rise, Pleased with each good that Heaven to man supplies: Yet oft a sigh prevails, and sorrows fall, To see the hoard of human bliss so small; And oft I wish amidst the scene to find Some spot to real happiness consigned, Where my worn soul, each wandering hope at rest, May gather bliss to see my fellows blest.
˹ 283 - want that stimulates the breast Becomes a source of pleasure when redressed. Whence from such lands each pleasing science flies, That first excites desire, and then supplies; Unknown to them, when sensual pleasures
˹ 288 - Impelled with steps unceasing to pursue Some fleeting good that mocks me with the view; That, like the circle bounding earth and skies, Allures from
˹ 288 - this world of care,... I still had hopes my latest hours to crown, Amidst these humble bowers to lay me down;
˹ 257 - Egisthe. 0 dieu de l'univers! Dieu, qui formas ses traits, veille sur ton image: La vertu sur le trône est ton plus digne ouvrage. Merope. C'est là ce meurtrier? Se peutil qu'un mortel, Sous des dehors si doux ait un
˹ 288 - ))he unites in himself the three greatest characters upon earth; he is a priest, an husbandman, and the father of a
˹ 281 - in the ruin, heedless of the dead, The shelterseeking peasant builds his shed; And wondering, man could