Journal of the American Oriental Society, 27

American Oriental Society., 1906
"Proceedings" or "Select minutes of meetings" are included in each volume (except volumes 3, 12).


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˹ 86 - The regulations and rules for the various modern schools of learning and their various branches of study have for their aim the attainment of substantial and practical knowledge. We are certain that the official classes and gentry throughout the empire on learning of this will enthusiastically set about to start as many schools as possible, and thus give the blessings of modern education to every individual subject of the throne. The government being thus enabled to obtain men of talents and abilities,...
˹ 117 - Surely I will not come into the tabernacle of my house, nor go up into my bed; I will not give sleep to mine eyes, nor slumber to mine eyelids, Until I find out a place for the Lord, A habitation for the mighty God of Jacob.
˹ 85 - ... to all our viceroys and governors of provinces to lose no time in establishing modern schools of learning in such number that every member of this Empire may have the means of going there to study and learn something substantial in order to prepare himself to be of use to his country. We have indeed thought deeply on this subject. On a former occasion the Ministers of Education memorialized Us, suggesting that the old style of literary examinations may be gradually abolished by extending by three...
˹ 85 - Shih-kai in his present memorial, however, asserts that unless these old style examinations be abolished once for all the people of this empire will continue to show apathy and hesitate to join the modern schools of learning. Hence if we desire to see the spread of modern education by the establishment of a number of schools we must first abolish the old style of studying for the examinations.
˹ 191 - I am DARIUS, the great King, the King of Kings, the King of Persia, the King of the provinces, the son of HYSTASPES, the grandson of ARSAMES, the Achaemenian.
˹ 212 - Whilst in matters such as tracking, which are concerned with their every-day life, and upon efficiency in which they actually depend for their livelihood, the natives show conspicuous ability, there are other directions in which they are as conspicuously deficient. This is perhaps shown most clearly in the matter of counting. At Alice Springs they occasionally count, sometimes using their fingers in doing so, up to five, but frequently anything beyond four is indicated by the word okuira, meaning...
˹ 188 - He (1906a:188), however, adds that these cases 'do not conform exactly in their scope to any of the cases commonly recognized in Indo-European grammar; sometimes two forms are used to express what is ordinarily considered one case, sometimes one form expresses two or more cases.
˹ 85 - Tsin-shih (Master of Arts and Doctor) after the old style shall be henceforth abolished, while the annual competitions in the cities of the various provinces for the Hsiuts'ai (Bachelor of Arts) or Licentiate degree are also to be abolished at once.
˹ 129 - Erde, um das Recht des Landes zu sprechen, die Streitfragen zu entscheiden, die Schäden zu heilen, habe ich meine kostbaren Worte auf meinen Denkstein geschrieben, vor meinem Bildnisse, als des Königs der Gerechtigkeit, aufgestellt.
˹ 84 - It was indeed a most successful plan for the creation of a nursery for the disciplining of talent and the molding of character for our Empire of China. Indeed, the examples before us of the wealth and power of Japan and the countries of the west have their foundation in...