Change Forces: Probing the Depths of Educational Reform

Psychology Press, 1993 - 162 ˹
Debunking popular reform efforts, this book argues that education reformers are fighting a fruitless uphill battle. Neither top-down regulation nor locally based reforms will transform schooling. The insurmountable problem is juxtaposing a continuous change theme with a continuous, conservative system that defies change. In partnership with all community agencies, educators must initiate the creation of learning societies as part of a larger social agenda. Following an introductory chapter, chapter 2 discusses the essential partnership of moral purpose with change agentry. Chapter 3 treats the complexity of the change process, identifying eight basic lessons of a new change paradigm: (1) you can't mandate or force change; (2) change is a journey, not a blueprint; (3) problems are our friends; (4) vision and strategic planning come later; (5) individualism and collectivism must have equal power; (6) neither centralization nor decentralization works by itself; (7) connections with the wider environment is critical for success; and (8) every person is a change agent. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the school as a learning organization and the two-way relationship between a learning organization and its environment. Chapter 6 argues that continuous teacher education is essential to produce moral change agents. The final chapter treats the productive individual's role in shaping and checking schooling and other social institutions. Contains 168 references and a subject index. (MLH)

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Moral Purpose and Change Agentry
The Complexity of the Change Process
The School as a Learning Organization
The Learning Organization and its Environment
Societys Missed Opportunity
The Individual and the Learning Society

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ǡѺ (1993)

Michael Fullan, Michael Fullan is the Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. He is an international authority on educational change and reform and has participated in many partnerships to bring about educational improvements. He is a researcher, consultant, trainer and policy advisor for multiple educational reform projects. He is the author of "The Changes Forces" trilogy, "The New Meaning of Educational Change, Third Edition." In 1993, Fullan was awarded the Colonel Watson Award for Outstanding Leadership from the Ontario Association of Curriculum Development. He was also appointed Policy Implementation Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Training. From that position, he earned the "Contribution to Staff Development Award" from the National Staff Development Council in 1995.