Brooklyn Medical Journal, 8

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˹ 197 - A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin. For the use of Students and Practitioners.
˹ vii - CHIONANTHUS Uses: Biliousness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipation, and all Diseases Caused by Hepatic Torpor. CHIONIA stimulates the Liver and restores It to a healthy condition, without debilitating the system by Catharsis ; does not purge, per se, but under its use the Liver and Bowels gradually resume their normal functions DOSE. One Fluid Drachm three times a day.
˹ 776 - July 14, 1894, provided that an essay deemed by the committee of award to be worthy of the prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject in medicine, but...
˹ 515 - Diseases of the Eye. By EDWARD JACKSON, AM, MD, Professor of Diseases of the Eye...
˹ 747 - food," as used herein, shall include all articles used for food or drink by man, whether simple, mixed, or compound. SEC. 3. Any article shall be deemed to be adulterated within the meaning of this Act...
˹ 390 - ANATOMY, DESCRIPTIVE AND SURGICAL. By HENRY GRAY, FRS, Lecturer on Anatomy at St. George's Hospital, London. New American from the thirteenth enlarged and improved English edition.
˹ 583 - The National Dispensatory. Containing the Natural History, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Actions and Uses of Medicines, including those recognized in the Pharmacopoeias of the United States, Great Britain and Germany, with numerous references to the French Codex. By ALFRED STILLE, MD, LL.
˹ x - TISSUE PHOSPHATES. WHEELER'S COMPOUND ELIXIR OF PHOSPHATES AND CALISAYA. A Nerve Food and Nutritive Tonic, .for the Treatment of Consumption, Bronchitis, Scrofula, and all forms of Nervous Debility.- '.' "' This elegant preparation combines in an agreeable Aromatic Cordial, in the form of a glycerite, acgeptable to.
˹ 387 - By L. Duncan Bulkley. 8vo, Cloth, 272 Pages $1.50 net. BULKLEY: COMPENDIUM OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN. Based on an analysis of thirty thousand consecutive cases. With a Therapeutic Formulary, by L. Duncan Bulkley, AM, MD Physician to the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; Consulting Physician to the New York Hospital. 8vo, Cloth, xviii+ 286 Pages $2.00 net. BULKLEY: DIET AND HYGIENE IN DISEASES OF THE SKIN.
˹ 584 - LECTURES ON AUTO-INTOXICATION IN DISEASE, OR, SELF-POISONING OF THE INDIVIDUAL. By CH. BOUCHARD, Professor of Pathology and Therapeutics; Member of the Academy of Medicine and Physician to the Hospitals, Paris. Translated, with a Preface...