Materia medica

Lindsay & Blakiston, 1874 - 435 ˹

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˹ 29 - Also. The Preventive Treatment of Calculous Disease, and the Use of Solvent Remedies.
˹ 12 - The Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Diseases of Women ; including the Diagnosis of Pregnancy. By GRAILY HEWITT, MD &c. President of the Obstetrical Society of London. Second Edition, enlarged; with 116 Woodcuts. 8vo. 24s. Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST, MD &c.
˹ 23 - PHILOSOPHY OF MARRIAGE, in its Social, Moral, and Physical Relations ; with an Account of the Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs, &c.
˹ 31 - Lecturer on Medicine at, Guy's Hospital ; and WALTER MOXON, MD, FRCP, Physician to. and Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine at, Guy's Hospital.
˹ 12 - THE URINE AND ITS DERANGEMENTS with the Application of Physiological Chemistry to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Constitutional as well as Local Diseases.
˹ 16 - ATLAS OF OPHTHALMOSCOPY: representing the Normal and Pathological Conditions of the Fundus Oculi as seen with the Ophthalmoscope. Composed of 12 Chromo-lithographic Plates (containing 59 Figures), accompanied by an Explanatory Text, translated into English by H.
˹ 29 - THE CHANGE OF LIFE IN HEALTH AND DISEASE: a Practical Treatise on the Nervous and other Affections incidental to Women at the Decline of Life.
˹ 1 - A Treatise on Medical Electricity, Theoretical and Practical ; and its Use in the Treatment of Paralysis, Neuralgia, and other Diseases.
˹ 35 - Practice. New Revised Edition. A Handbook of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. By Frederick T. Roberts, MD ; MRCP, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics in University College Hospital, London. Seventh Edition. Octavo.