The changed cross [by L.P. Hobart-Hampden] and other religious poems

Sampson Low, son, & Marston, 1871 - 228 ˹

Դ繨ҡ - ¹Ԩó

辺Ԩó 觢ŷ



˹ 17 - I would not have the restless will That hurries to and fro ; Seeking for some great thing to do, Or secret thing to know : I would be treated as a child, And guided where I go.
˹ 86 - MUST Jesus bear the cross alone, And all the world go free ? No ; there's a cross for every one, And there's a cross for me.
˹ 138 - By Nebo's lonely mountain, On this side Jordan's wave, In a vale in the land of Moab, There lies a lonely grave. And no man knows that sepulchre, And no man saw it e'er, For the angels of God upturned the sod, And laid the dead man there.
˹ 134 - MY GOD ! is any hour so sweet, From blush of morn to evening star, As that which calls me to thy feet, The hour of prayer...
˹ 139 - Noiselessly as the springtime Her crown of verdure weaves, And all the trees on all the hills Open their thousand leaves; So without sound of music, Or voice of them that wept, Silently down from the mountain's crown The great procession swept.
˹ 16 - Come, Lord, when grace hath made me meet Thy blessed face to see ; For if thy work on earth be sweet, What will thy glory be...
˹ 46 - I shall be soon ! Beyond the waking and the sleeping, Beyond the sowing and the reaping, I shall be soon. Love, rest, and home ! Sweet hope ! Lord, tarry not, but come.
˹ 32 - Every hour that fleets so slowly Has its task to do or bear; Luminous the crown, and holy, When each gem is set with care. Do not linger with regretting, Or for passing hours despond; Nor, the daily toil forgetting, Look too eagerly beyond. Hours are golden links, God's token, Reaching Heaven; but one by one Take them, lest the chain be broken Ere the pilgrimage be done.
˹ 31 - One by one the sands are flowing, One by one the moments fall; Some are coming, some are going; Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole strength go to each, Let no future dreams elate thee, Learn thou first what these can teach.
˹ 72 - A little while," to keep the oil from failing, " A little while," faith's flickering lamp to trim ; And then, the Bridegroom's coming footsteps hailing, To haste to meet Him with the bridal hymn.