Little Nut to a Tree of Life: Finding Your Place in God

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Ever wonder why things just don't seem to be happening in your Christian life the way you want them to? Or has your heartfelt plea ever been, "Oh God, where am I?" Checkup with God to see where you are in His school of maturity for you. We all want to know God's will for ourselves and where we are headed. II Peter, chapter one is a curriculum outline of spiritual growth. The steps start with "faith" and add one-by-one until we walk in "love." Most of us start with the Lord fired with zeal and spreading the Gospel wherever we go. Unfortunately, we do not always have the greatest wisdom on how to apply all the excitement we feel. We can indeed be a "little nut" for the Lord until He can mature us. An acorn begins life as a little nut and grows into a mighty oak. We can allow the Seed of God to sprout, branch out, dig deep roots, and grow us into being a "Tree Of Life" for the Kingdom of God. Not only are we blessed in every aspect of our life as we mature, but we have fruit to give and leaves to cover others. Every Christian can find themselves, and their church, somewhere in the "add to" list of II Peter. This helps in understanding where and why we are in the Lord. Finding our place in God is the desire of every Christian.

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