Postmodernism and Education

Routledge, 1994 - 246 ˹
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This book responds to the growing interest in postmodernism as a way of understanding social, cultural and economic trends, and explores the impact which postmodernism has had upon the theory and practice of education, using a broad analysis of postmodernism and an in-depth introduction to key writers in the field. Contents - Introduction 1. Postmodernism, Postmodernity and the Postmodern Moment 2. Speaking `Truthfully'; Science, Psychology and Subjectivity 3. Knowing Oneself; Subjectivity and Mastery 4. Subject Disciplines and Disciplining Subjects; The Subject in Education 5. Examining the Case; Competences and Management 6. The `End' of the Educational Project 7. Education and Textuality 8. Telling Stories; The Legitimising of Knowledge 9. The End of the Story; Education, Efficiency and Resistance 10. The Cultivation of Desire 11. Catching the (Last) Post References Index.

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ǡѺ (1994)

Richard Edwards is a professor of economics and fellow in the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has published ten books.