Buddhist Popular Lectures Delivered in Ceylon in 1907

Theosophical Publishing Society, 1908 - 129 ˹

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˹ 13 - All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.
˹ 1 - ... great spiritual thought and its profound philosophy, and the West bringing to the East the results of its scientific achievements and its practical conduct of life. Here, in this school, to-day, we see how East and West may help and may co-operate ; and in the help that is here being given by some western women we see the promise of the days to come, when all intercourse shall be helpful and not harmful, when all nations shall be friends instead of foes. And in this school, where we have met...
˹ 72 - Tery ancient days. One of these colonies is said to go back to the first or second century of the Christian era. It is a colony which, anyhow, goes very far back into the early ages of Christianity. All these different religions compete, as it were, for recognition, and how could the Government lend its weight to any one of them without going beyond the functions of a Government ? So, Lord Macanlay decided that the State had nothing to do with religious education.
˹ 1 - FRIENDS : In the past the relations between the East and the West have not always been satisfactory to either one side or the other. Many centuries ago Asia overran Europe, and the Europeans did not like it. Later, Europe began to- overrun Asia, and the Asiatics did not like it. Now there is hope of better relations between the East and the West, and when we have a western invader, like Mrs. Higgins, coming to an eastern land to help and not to hinder, we have in that coming a promise of a fairer...
˹ 103 - Not blind antagonism to the foreigner that is only the excess of reaction but the determination to make your own national characteristics the leading features of your civilisation, and only to accept from the foreign civilisation that which can enrich your own without injuring it. That is the great canon by which you should judge how much of the West you will take to weave into the fabric of your eastern nationality. On that point, the English in their own land set you an example. They are...
˹ 121 - His law ; and you are born not only inhabitants of Ceylon, but you are born into the faith of the Lord Buddha, the vast majority of you. Other religions may come among you, but Ceylon, as a nation, is, has been, and must be Buddhist.
˹ 44 - ... history, if you would see the truth of what I say, and. you will, I think, find that in every land into which we have gone there has been a revival of the religions of the people of that land. We make no converts. We leave the people in the religion in which we find them ; but the religions become more vital, stronger, more able to sustain themselves against attack, because we offer them the ancient knowledge, and show them the way in which that knowledge may be gained. Let us pass from that...
˹ 35 - And let me say a prefatory word in connexion with theappearance in our own time of what we call Theosophy. Now, Theosophy is not a new thing, but the oldest of all old things. It has nothing in it that is really new. All its teaching may be found in the great religions of the world, living and dead. In the great...
˹ 8 - Buddhism helps to bring us to that happier future, for it is a faith of peace and love ; upon it is no blot of war or persecution. It has been a religion of love for the last twenty-three centuries, and it cannot be a religion of anything but love and peace in the future. Do not imagine that you can teach morality without religion. They tried that in France, and the failure has been a lesson to the world.
˹ 119 - ... feel that all religions are but revelations of the same truth. You must learn to put aside all ideas of converting people from one religion into another. You must put all religions on one platform and respect each the faith of the other. Cast aside the old narrow hatreds j . put away from you the old feelings of enmity between members of one religion and members of another.