Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1861
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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ


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In this successor to the first volume of his memoir, Palimpsest (1995), prolific novelist/essayist/gadfly Vidal mixes mournful minor keys among his usual trumpet blasts against what he regards as an ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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˹ 9 - This is essentially a People's contest. On the side of the Union, it is a struggle for maintaining in the world, that form and substance of government, whose leading object is, to elevate the condition of mento lift artificial weights from all shoulders ; to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all; to afford all an
˹ 11 - Statement No 11. A bill to authorize a national loan, and for other purposes 65 Statement No. 12. A bill further to provide for the collection of duties on imports, and for other purposes 68 Statement No. 13. A bill to provide revenue from imports, and for other purposes. 71
˹ 9 - have a striking, and an impressive illustration. So large an army as the government has now on foot, was never before known, without a soldier in it, but who had taken his place there, of his own free choice. But more than this : there are many single regiments whose
˹ 82 - material composed, except wool, made up or manufactured, wholly or in part, by the tailor, seamstress, or manufacturer ; Coach and harness furniture of all kinds, saddlery, coach and harness hardware, silver-plated, brass, brass-plated, or covered, common tinned, burnished, or japanned, not otherwise provided for ; Combs of all kinds;
˹ 3 - invasion, the public safety may require it," is equivalent to a provisionis a provisionthat such privilege may be suspended when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety does require it. It was decided that we have a
˹ 6 - of them, whatever of independence and liberty it has. The Union is older than any of the States, and, in fact, it created them as States. Originally some dependent colonies made the Union, and, in turn, the Union threw off their old dependence for them, and made them States, such as they are. Not one of them ever had a State constitution independent of the Union.
˹ 85 - on the importation of all raw or unmanufactured articles, not herein enumerated or provided for, a duty of ten per centum ad valorem ; and on all articles manufactured, in whole or in part, not herein enumerated or provided for, a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem.
˹ xvi - London.) Conquest or subjugation. (See Civil war.) Constitution and laws made in pursuance thereof, and to preserve the Union and rights of the States unimpaired. Resolution submitted by Mr. Johnson, of Tennessee, declaring that the present civil war has been forced upon the country by the disunionists of the south, and that it is prosecuted by the federal authorities, not for any purpose of conquest or
˹ 109 - 5, 1861.Read and ordered to be printed. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, July 4, 1861. SIR : The Secretary of the Treasury is required by law to prepare and lay before Congress, at the commencement of every session, a report on the subject*of finance, containing estimates of the public revenue and public expenditures, and plans for improving
˹ 5 - 31, 1861.Bead, ordered to lie on the table and be printed. To the Senate of the United States : In answer to the resolution of the Senate of the 19th instant, requesting information concerning the quasi armistice alluded to in my message of the 4th instant, I transmit a report from the Secretary of the Navy. JULY 30, 1861.