Lexicon Orthopaedic Etymology

CRC Press, 1 .. 1999 - 439 ˹
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Lexicon of Orthopædic Etymologyis more than a concise dictionary of over 800 terms. It also provides a chronicle of the field of orthopedics, recounting significant events, important people, and dates. Terms are defined, origins are traced back to the root word, relevant mythology is revealed, and the first physician recorded using a term is identified in context.
Sample Term: Achillis, Achill(o) Latin Achillis, singular genitive form of the Greek proper name Acille¢us: "Achilles." e.g. tendo Achillisrefers to "the tendon of Achilles." The appellation is given to the tendo calcaneus: "the tendon related to the heel bone." This represents the conjoined tendon of insertion of the triceps sur muscle, which is comprised of the medical and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle. Its fibers descend in a spiral arrangement to attach to the posterior aspect of the tuber of the calcaneus, from which it is separated by a synov

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˹ 425 - Remarks on that Kind of Palsy of the Lower Limbs, which is Frequently Found to Accompany a Curvature of the Spine and is Supposed to be Caused by it.
˹ 433 - DISEASES OF THE HIP, KNEE, AND ANKLE JOINTS, with their Deformities, treated by a new and efficient method. With an Introduction by RUSHTON PARKER, FRCS, Lecturer on Surgery at the School of Medicine, Liverpool.
˹ 398 - Myographiae Comparatae Specimen ; or a Comparative Description of all the Muscles in a Man and in a Quadruped ; added is an Account of the Muscles peculiar to a Woman.
˹ 437 - Manchester, published an inquiry into the nature and cause of that swelling in one or both of the lower extremities, which sometimes happens to lying-in women...
˹ 418 - MELLANBY, E. 1918. The part played by an "accessory factor" in the production of experimental rickets. J. Physiol., Proc.