Annual Report [with Accompanying Documents]., 1


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˹ 903 - Provided, that the provisions of this act shall not apply to mixtures or compounds recognized as ordinary articles or ingredients of articles of food...
˹ 886 - In the case of food or drink. 1. If any substance or substances has or have been mixed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength.
˹ 49 - No person shall manufacture, mix or compound with or add to natural milk, cream or butter any animal fats or animal or vegetable oils, nor make or manufacture any...
˹ 8 - ... such article or substance into which any oil, lard or fat not produced from milk or cream enters as a component part, or into which melted butter or butter in any condition or state, or any oil thereof has been introduced to take the place of cream. The term " adulterated milk,
˹ 880 - No person, by himself or his agents or servants, shall render or manufacture, sell, offer for sale, expose for sale or have in his possession with intent to sell, any article, product or compound made wholly or partly out of any fat, oil or oleaginous substance or compound thereof, not produced from unadulterated milk or cream from the same, which shall be in imitation of yellow butter produced from pure unadulterated milk or cream of the same.
˹ 977 - Prosecute and defend all actions and proceedings in which the state is interested, and have charge and control of all the legal business of the departments and bureaus of the state, or of any office thereof which requires the services of attorney or counsel, in order to protect the interests of the state, but this section shall not apply to any of the military department bureaus or military offices of the state.
˹ 904 - If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity...
˹ 872 - ... to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell, any article of non-alcoholic drink which is adulterated or misbranded, within the meaning of this act. Section 2. That the term "non-alcoholic drink...
˹ 848 - States of competent jurisdiction in the district in which such offense was committed, shall be punished for each offense by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars and not more than one thousand dollars.
˹ 910 - If it consists wholly, or in part, of a diseased, decomposed, putrid, infected, tainted, or rotten animal or vegetable substance or article, whether manufactured or not ; or in the case of milk, if it is the produce of a diseased animal.