The Changing Politics of Finance in Korea and Thailand: From Deregulation to Debacle

Taylor & Francis, 14 .. 2004 - 256 ˹
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This is the first systematic attempt to explore the causal relationship between financial market reform and financial crisis in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. It examines the political underpinnings of financial policy-change and provides an in-depth analysis of market liberalisation processes and their impact on the economic turmoil of 1997-98 in Korea and Thailand. The common crisis stemmed from divergent reform patterns and originated from dissimilar institutional deficiencies and political constraints.
The book will be essential reading for both policy-makers and academics concerned with national governance in an era of globalisation.

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ǡѺ (2004)

Xiaoke Zhang is Research Fellow at the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research and the Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam. He is also the co-editor of International Financial Governance under Stress. His research focuses on comparative political economy, with special reference to East Asian newly industrialising economies.