The She King

Trübner, 1876 - 431 ˹

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˹ 195 - I've set in order meet, The dishes stand in rows. The guests are here; no vacant seat A brother absent shows. The loss of kindly feeling oft From slightest things shall grow, Where all the fare is dry and spare, Resentments fierce may glow. My store of spirits is well strained, If short prove the supply, My messengers I straightway send, And what is needed buy. I beat the drums, and in the dance Lead joyously the train. Oh! good it is, when falls the chance The sparkling cup to drain.
˹ 223 - And daughters also to him shall be born. They shall be placed upon the ground to sleep ; Their playthings tiles, their dress the simplest worn ; Their part alike from good and ill to keep, And ne'er their parents' hearts to cause to mourn ; To cook the food, and spirit-malt to steep.
˹ 222 - Ancestral sway is his. The walls they rear, Five thousand cubits long ; and south and west The doors are placed. Here will the king appear, Here laugh, here talk, here sit him down and rest.
˹ 295 - Oh! great is God; his glance on earth he bent, Scanning our regions with severe intent For one whose rule the people should content. " The earlier lines of kings had practised ill, And ruling, ruled not after God's just will; He therefore 'mong the States was searching still.
˹ 218 - The withered leaves the eager searcher sees. The hurtful ne'er without some good was born; The stones that mar the hill will grind the corn. All true words spread, as from the marsh's eye The crane's sonorous note ascends the sky. Goodness throughout the widest sphere abides, As fish round isle and through the ocean glides. And lesser good near greater you shall see, As grows the paper shrub 'neath sandal-tree.
˹ 13 - Sir Andrew Fletcher, of Saltoun, tells us the opinion of 'a very wise man,' that 'if a man were permitted to make all the ballads of a nation, he need not care who should make its laws.
˹ 37 - My object has been to give a version of the text which should represent the meaning of the original, without addition or paraphrase, as nearly as I could attain to it The collection as a whole is not worth the trouble of versifying. But with my labours before him, any one who is willing to undertake the labour may present the pieces in
˹ 222 - Grand is the hall the noble lord ascends ; In height, like human form, most reverent, grand ; And straight, as flies the shaft when bow unbends ; Its tints like hues when pheasant's wings expand.
˹ 54 - Is [like] n stepping-stone to disorder. Disorder does not come down from heaven ; It is produced by the woman. Those from whom come no lessons, no instruction, Are women and eunuchs.
˹ 278 - The fibres of the white-flowered rush Are with the white grass bound. So do the two together go, In closest union found. And thus should man and wife abide, The twain combined in one; But this bad man sends me away, And bids me dwell alone. Both rush and grass from the bright clouds The genial dew partake. Kind and impartial, nature's laws No odious difference make. But providence appears unkind; Events are often hard. This man, to principle untrue, Denies me his regard. Northward the pools their...