Annual Report of the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 4

E.K. Meyers, State Printers, 1889
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˹ 388 - For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.
˹ 220 - Provided, that the provisions of this act shall not apply to mixtures or compounds recognized as ordinary articles or ingredients of articles of food, if...
˹ 220 - drug," as used in this Act, shall include all medicines and preparations recognized in the United States Pharmacopoeia or National Formulary for internal or external use, and any substance or mixture of substances intended to be used for the cure, mitigation, or prevention of disease of either man or other animals. The term
˹ 1029 - An act to regulate the practice of pharmacy and sale of poisons and to prevent adulterations in drugs and medicinal preparations in the State of Pennsylvania...
˹ 485 - Treasury to prevent the Introduction of contagious or Infectious diseases Into the United States...
˹ 481 - The quarantines and other restraints established by the health laws of any State respecting any vessels arriving in, or bound to, any port or district thereof, shall be duly observed by the officers of the customs revenue of the United States, by the masters and crews of the several...
˹ 426 - The said board of health shall have power, and it shall be their duty to make and enforce all needful rules and regulations to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious or contagious diseases by the regulation of intercourse with infected places, by the arrest, separation and treatment of infected persons, and persons who shall have been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease, aud by abating and removing all nuisances which they shall deem prejudicial to the public health...
˹ 1008 - ... and cesspools, and to make all such other regulations as they shall deem necessary for the preservation of the public health.
˹ 98 - ... of the pollution of such waters, and for removal of substances and causes of every kind which may be liable to cause pollution thereof, in order to protect and develop the rights and property of the Commonwealth therein and to protect the public health. It shall have authority to conduct experiments to determine the best practicable methods of purification of drainage and sewage or disposal of the same.
˹ 219 - Pharmacopoeia, but which is found in some other pharmacopoeia or other standard work on Materia Medica, it differs materially from the standard of strength, quality, or purity laid down in such work. 3. If its strength or purity fall below the professed standard under which it is sold.