A History of the Mental Growth of Mankind in Ancient Times, 2

H. Holt & Company, 1893

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˹ 270 - Draw ye near hither, all the chief of the people : and know and see wherein this sin hath been this day. 39 For, as the Lord liveth, which saveth Israel, though it be in Jonathan my son, he shall surely die.
˹ 196 - They have been the prominent actors in the great drama of history, and have carried to their fullest growth all the elements of active life with which our nature is endowed. They have perfected society and morals, and we learn from their literature and works of art the elements of science, the laws of art, and the principles of philosophy. In continual struggle with each other and with Semitic and Turanian races...
˹ 314 - Turn your astonish'd eyes ; behold yon huge And unhewn sphere of living adamant, Which, poised by magic, rests its central weight On yonder pointed rock ; firm as it seems, Such is its strange and virtuous property, It moves obsequious to the gentlest touch Of him whose breast is pure ; but to a traitor, Tho' even a giant's prowess nerv'd his arm, It stands as fixed as Snowdon.
˹ 270 - And Saul said, Let us go down after the Philistines by night, and spoil them until the morning light, and let us not leave a man of them. And they said, Do whatsoever seemeth good unto thee.
˹ 205 - Him let us praise, the golden child that rose In the beginning, who was born the lord The one sole lord of all that is who made The earth, and formed the sky, who giveth life, Who giveth strength, whose bidding gods revere, Whose hiding-place is immortality, Whose shadow, death ; who by his might is king Of all the breathing, sleeping, waking world...
˹ 250 - One addressed the venerable Ananda, and said: "It may be, Ananda, that in some of you the thought may arise, 'The word of the Master is ended, we have no teacher more!
˹ 109 - I have distressed the people and wasted property ? Whether in the appointment of officers I have failed to obtain fit persons, and thereby the acts of government have been petty and vexatious to the people ? Whether punishments have been unjustly inflicted or not ? Whether the oppressed have found no means of appeal ? Whether, in persecuting heterodox...
˹ 204 - ... sage, a priest, a king, Protector, father of the sacrifice. Commissioned by us men, thou dost ascend A messenger, conveying to the sky Our hymns and offerings. Though thy origin Be threefold, now from air, and now from water. Now from the mystic double Arani, Thou art thyself a mighty god, a lord, Giver of life and immortality ; One in thy essence, but to mortals three ; Displaying thine eternal triple form, As fire on earth, as lightning in the air, As sun in heaven.