Nursing Education Challenges in the 21st Century

Leana E. Callara, Leana R. Callara
Nova Publishers, 2008 - 336 ˹
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Nursing education is facing a massive set of obstacles as the fields of medicine continues to progress at warp speed at the same time hospitals do not have enough doctors and depend more on nurses than anytime before. The result is overworked nurses running to keep it with the fields in which they must work. This book presents some analyses of nursing education at a critical juncture in the field.

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˹ 19 - I hear, and I forget; I see, and I remember; I do, and I understand.
˹ 32 - If I had to reduce all of educational psychology to just one principle, I would say this: The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly.
˹ 41 - Commitment to the truth does not mean seeking the "Truth," the absolute final word or ultimate cause. Rather, it means a relentless willingness to root out the ways we limit or deceive ourselves from seeing what is, and to continually challenge our theories of why things are the way they are. It means continually broadening our awareness, just as the great athlete with extraordinary peripheral vision keeps trying to "see more of the playing field.