Intimacy with God

Xulon Press, 2007 - 192 ˹
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"Intimacy With God, A Yearly Journey of Praying God's Word" will take you on a journey to communicate with God daily. The monthly devotions will have you praying God's word daily. Dr. Pamela J. Smith-Downing is a prayer warrior and she has been on a personal crusade for over 30 years; to get Christians all over the world excited about communicating to God through prayer. Monthly theme's such as Decree month, Excitement month, Family month, Personal Growth month and many more... will have your praying the Word of God as it relates to a specific theme. Intimacy with God is sure to bring your prayer life to a new level and love affair with God. "Prayer is like oxygen we need it to survive" Dr. Pamela J. Smith-Downing Dr. Pamela J. Smith-Downing is a native of New Haven, CT. She is the CEO and founder of PJD Enterprises L.L.C. and COO/CO-Founder of Victorious Christian Living Ministries where her husband Steven Downing serves as CEO/CO-Founder. Dr. Pamela travels around the world leading and motivating others to reach beyond their potential. She conducts leadership seminars, conferences, and training sessions in the private industry and corporate settings. She is a transformational leader and has been recognized for her many achievements and service by government agencies, dignitaries, and elected officials. Dr. Pamela is also the author of Honoring Your Pastor's Wife the Keys to Her and Your Success; Gold Nuggets for Leaders and Future Leaders and Ministerial Ethics a Practical Guide for all Clergy.

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February Relationship Month
April Excitement Month
May Spiritual Warfare Month
June Our Youth Month
August Personal Growth Month
September Education Month
November Thanksgiving Month
December Reflections Month