Beiträge zur Assyriologie und Semitischen Sprachwissenschaft, 2

Zentral Antiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 1894


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˹ 534 - Ninive, mais encore les fastes de Sargon, roi d'Assyrie (721 à 703 avant J.-C.), traduits et publiés d'après le texte assyrien de la grande inscription des salles du palais de Khorsabad ; ce dernier ouvrage en collaboration avec M.
˹ 525 - ... investigation of the Assyrian and Babylonian ruins, now twenty-three years ago, devoted himself on his return to Europe to the prosecution of cuneiform studies with a vigour and ingenuity, neither deterred by opposition nor discouraged by neglect, which ultimately led to a complete success, gaining as he did for himself the Quinquennial Prize of the French Academy, and thus obtaining the attestation of the first critical body in Europe to the genuineness and importance of the studies on which...
˹ 535 - Commentaire historique et philologique du livre d'Esther, d'après la lecture des inscriptions Perses (Paris '64); (repr fr APC Vol.
˹ 525 - Benan, accustomed to the rigid forms and limited scope of alphabets of the Phoenician type, were bewildered at the laxity of cuneiform expression, where phonetic and ideographic elements were commingled ; and refused to admit the possibility of such a system of writing being applied to a Semitic language. Biblical students, again, were not favourable at first to the idea of...
˹ 15 - A commencement has been made; the first outwork has been carried in a hitherto impregnable position and that is all.
˹ 542 - Cheselden was elected a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris ; and...
˹ 207 - On a Cuneiform Inscription relating to the Capture of Babylon by Cyrus, and the Events which preceded and led to it. Die Zeilen II 14 theilte PINCHES auf Grund erneuter Kollation noch einmal mit in PSBA V, IQ. Die von ihm „Nabunid-Kyros-Chronik
˹ 537 - Mémoire sur les rapports de l'Egypte et de l'Assyrie dans l'antiquité, éclaircis par l'étude des textes cunéiformes. 1 vol. in-4°. 12 fr. Duppe Lisan Assur, éléments de la grammaire assyrienne, 2
˹ 280 - Seitdem ihr Gott sich hinausgewendet hat, ist eingezogen in die Niederlassung der Frevel, ist seßhaft geworden die Bosheit, nicht wird alt der Fromme; der Verständige, Weise, auf dessen Weisheit sein Herr nicht achtete, und der Edle, den sein Herr vergaß, sein Mangel tritt ein, nicht erhebt sich wieder sein Haupt.