The Chinese Classics: The She king; or, the Book of poetry

Trübner & Company, 1876

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˹ 223 - The rest, our princes, all the States shall sway. "And daughters also to him shall be born. They shall be placed upon the ground to sleep; Their playthings tiles, their dress the simplest worn; Their part alike from good and ill to keep, And ne'er their parents' hearts to cause to mourn; To cook the food, and spirit-malt to steep.
˹ 218 - The withered leaves the eager searcher sees. The hurtful ne'er without some good was born; The stones that mar the hill will grind the corn. All true words spread, as from the marsh's eye The crane's sonorous note ascends the sky. Goodness throughout the widest sphere abides, As fish round isle and through the ocean glides. And lesser good near greater you shall see, As grows the paper shrub 'neath sandal-tree.
˹ 223 - Fit dwelling is it for his lordly prime. 4. Grand is the hall the noble lord ascends ; In height, like human form, most reverent, grand ; And straight, as flies the shaft when bow unbends ; Its tints like hues when pheasant's wings expand.
˹ 59 - Hark ! from. the islet in the stream the voice Of the fish-hawks that o'er their nest rejoice ! From them our thoughts to that young lady go, Modest and virtuous, loth herself to show. Where could be found, to share our prince's state, So fair, so virtuous, and so fit a mate ? 2 See how the duckweed's stalks, or short or long, Sway left and right, as moves the current strong...
˹ 24 - They appeared as if they were the production of the poets themselves, and the odes seemed to be made from them as so many themes. Scholars handed down a faith in them from one to another, and no one ventured to express a doubt of their authority. The text was twisted and chiseled to bring it into accordance with them, and no one would undertake to say plainly that they were the work of the scholars of the Han dynasty.
˹ 37 - I pursued my task, even the poorer odes became clothed with an attractiveness which I did not previously perceive. I would not now say, as I did in 1871, that " the collection as a whole is not worth the trouble of versifying.
˹ 78 - Sufferers who were resigned. [NOTE. Yellow is one of the five "correct" colors of the Chinese, while green is one of the "intermediate" colors that are less esteemed. Here we have the yellow used merely as a lining to the green, or employed in the lower, or less honorable, part of the dress; an inversion of propriety, and intimating how a favorite had usurped the place of the rightful wife and thrust her down.] -In Praise of a...
˹ 54 - A wise man builds up the wall (of a city), But a wise woman overthrows it. Admirable may be the wise woman, But she is (no better than) an owl.
˹ 13 - I have heard that a minister of state in the reign of queen Elizabeth had all manner of books and ballads brought to him, of what kind soever, and took great notice how much they took with the people ; upon which he would, and certainly might, very well judge of their present dispositions, and the most proper way of applying them according to his own purposes.
˹ 177 - ... mourning, his countenance wears an air of sorrow ; when he wears the square-cut dress and square-topped cap, his countenance wears an air of respect ; and when he wears his mail-coat and helmet, his countenance says that he is not to be meddled with. It is said in the Book of Poetry (I, xiv, ode 2, 2), " Like pelicans, upon the dam Which stand, and there their pouches cram, Unwet the while their wings, Are those who their rich dress display, But no befitting service pay, Intent on meanest things1."*...