Higher English.


Bray History of English Critical Terms. A vocabulary of 1400 critical

tırms used in literature and art, with criticaland historical data for their study.

Cloth. 351 pages. $1.00. Cook's Judith. With introduction, translation and glossary. Cloth. 170 pages.

$1.00. Student's Edition, without translation. Paper. 104 pages. 30 cents. Hall's Beowulf. A metrical translation of this ancient epic. Octavo. 118 pages.

Cloth, 75 cents. Paper, 30 cents. Kluge and Lutz's English Etymology. A select glossary for use in the

study of historical grammar. Cloth. 242 pages. 60 cents. MacEwan's The Essentials of Argumentation. A systematic discussion of

principles, with illustrative extracts; full analysis of several masterpieces,

and a list of propositions for debate. Cloth. 430 pages. $1.12. Meiklejohn's The English Language. Part I-English Grammar ; Part II

Composition and Versification ; Part III History of the English Lan

guage; Part IV-History of English Literature. Cloth. 396 pages. $1.20. Meiklejohn's English Grammar. Contains Part I and II of Meiklejohn's The

English Language, with exercises. Cloth. 276 pages. 80 cents. O'Conor's Rhetoric and Oratory. A manual of precepts and principles, with

masterpieces for analysis and study. Cloth. 352 pages. $1.12. Pearson's The Principles of Composition. Begins with the composition

as a whole. Paragraphs, sentences and words are treated later, and in this

order. Cloth. 165 pages. 50 cents. Strang's Exercises in English. Examples in Syntax, Accidence, and Style,

for criticism and correction. New edition, revised and enlarged. Cloth. 160

pages. 45 cents. William's Composition and Rhetoric. Concise, practical, and thorough, with little theory and much practice. Cloth. 344 pages. 90 cents.

Monographs on English. Bowen’s Historical Study of the O-vowel. Cloth. 109 pp.

$1.25 Genung's Study of Rhetoric in the College Course. Paper, 32 pp.

-25 Hempl's Chaucer's Pronunciation. Stiff Paper. 39 pp.

50 Huffcut's English in the Preparatory School. Paper 28 pp.

.25 Woodward's Study of English. Paper. 25 PP.


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English Literature and English Classics.

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An account of the leading forms of Literature represented in the Sacred Writ. ings. Intended for English Readers. By RICHARD G. MOULTON, Professor of Literature in English in the University of Chicago; author of " Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist.” “The Ancient Classical Drama,” etc. Revised and largely rewritten. Cloth. 584 pages. Retail price, $2.00.

theological or distinctively religious matters on the one hand, or on the other hand to the historical analysis which has come to be known as “the higher criticism.” With a view to the general reader it endeavors to bring out the literary interest of Scripture, so often obscured by reading in verse or short fragments. For the professed student of literature it has the further purpose of discussing methodically such literary forms as epic, lyric, dramatic, etc., so far as they appear in one of the world's great literatures. It assumes that the English Bible is a supreme classic, the thorough study of which must form a part of all liberal education.

The cordial reception given to this book by students of literature and of the Scriptures has led the author to prepare a book for general readers, which is described below. Contents: The Book of Job, and the Various kinds of Literary Interest illus

trated by it. I. First Principles of Biblical Literature. II. Lyric Poetry of the Bible. III. Biblical History and Epic. IV. Biblical Literature of Rhetoric. V. The Philosophy of the Bible, or Wisdom Literature. VI. Biblical Literature

of Prophecy. Appendixes. A Short Introduction to the Literature of

the Bible. By RICHARD G. MOULTON, author of “The Literary Study of the Bible,” “ Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist,” etc., editor of “ The Modern Reader's Bible.” Cloth. 382 pages. Retail price, $1.00. HIS is not an abridgement of the larger book by the same

author, but is an independent work, dealing less with technicalities, and more with the matter of Holy Scripture, considered from its literary side. The aim has been to make a serviceable book for the general reader, whether more or less cultured ; also, with the aid of an appendix, to afford a manual for pastors and teachers. CONTENTS: Introduction.. The literary study of the Bible as distinct from theology and criticism. Part I. Biblical History and Story: 1. History and Story; 2. The History of the People of Israel as Presented by Themselves; 3. The History of the New Testament Church as Presented by Itself. Part II. Biblical Poetry and Prose: 4. Poetry and Prose in the Bible; 5. Old Testament Wisdom; 6. New Testament Wisdom; 7. Lyric Poetry of the Bible; 8. Prophecy as a Form of Literature; 9. Old Testament Prophecy; 10. New Testament


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Dante : Divina Commedia and Canzoniere.

Translated, with notes, studies and estimates, by E. H. Plumptre, Dean of Wells. In five volumes. Vol. i - Hell. Vol. ii – Purgatory. Vol. ili - Paradise, Vol. iv - Minor Poems. Vol. v- Studies. Cloth, Small 12mo. Each volume with frontispiece. Library Edition: Five volumes in a box, Uncut edges. Extra gilt, $4.00. Student's Edition: 50 cents per volume. In the student's edition the volumes will be sold separately.







well known. The translation of the Commedia is for the most part based on Scartazzini's text (1874–82), with due attention to the various readings that materially affect the sense. In the Minor Poems the order and text of Fraticelli's edition (1873) are followed.

With regard to the Terza Rima of the Commedia and the metrical forms of the Canzoniere, the translator was deeply impressed with the conviction that, in default of absolute identity of form, it is the duty and the wisdom of a translator to aim at the nearest possible analogue attainable, and to reproduce, as far as the nature of the English language admits, the structure and recurrence of rhymes which give sonnet and canzone their distinctive charm. Milton's Paradise Lost.

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Books I and II, with portions of Books III, IV, VI, VII and X. Edited, with
Introduction, suggestions for study and glossary, by ALBERT PERRY WALKER,
Master in the Boston English High School. Cloth. Illustrated. 282 pages.

Introduction price, 45 cents.
N this book the editor has made a radical departure from the usual

method of annotating texts for school use, by discarding formal notes on individual words or expressions. The information usually distributed through a heterogeneous mass of notes is here embodied in an introduction treating in a systematic manner the popular, scientific, religious, and mythological conceptions of the seventeenth century, as they appear in Milton's poems, and other matters of general information with which readers of literature are assumed to be conversant.

Milton's Select Poems.

Edited by ALBERT PERRY WALKER. Contains the book described above and Milton's Minor Poems, described on page 82, bound in one volume. Cloth. 411 pages. Introduction price, 50 cents.



The Arden Shakespeare.

The Greater Plays in their literary aspect. One piay in each volume, with Introduction, Notes, Essay on Metre, and Glossary. Based on the Globe text. From 144 to 224 pages. Cloth. Price, 25 cents a volume. HIS edition presents the greater plays in their literary aspect, and

not merely as material for the study of philology or grammar. Verbal and textual criticism has been included only so far as may serve to help the student in his appreciation of the poetry.

Questions of date and literary history have been fully dealt with in the Introductions, but the larger space has been devoted to the interpretative rather than to the matter-of-fact order of scholarship. Æsthetic judgments are never final, but the editors have attempted to suggest points of view from which the analysis of dramatic motive and dramatic character may be profitably undertaken.

In the Notes likewise, though it is hoped that unfamiliar expressions and allusions have been adequately explained, it has been thought more important to consider the dramatic value of each scene, and the part that it plays in relation to the whole.

Each volume has a Glossary, an Essay upon Metre, and an Index. Appendices are added upon points of interest that could not be treated in the Introduction or the Notes. The text is based on that of the Globe edition. The following plays are ready:

HAMLET.- Edited by Edmund K. Chambers, B.A. MACBETH.- Edited by Edmund K. Chambers, B.A., Oxford. JULIUS CÆSAR. - Edited by Arthur D. Innes, M.A., Oxford. The MERCHANT OF VENICE. — Edited by H. L. Withers, B.A., Oxford. TWELFTH Night.- Edited by Arthur D. Innes, M.A., Oxford. As You Like IT. -- Edited by J. C. Smith, M.A., Edinburgh. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. – Edited by Edmund K. Chambers, B.A. CYMBELINE. Edited by A. J. Wyatt, M.A., Cambridge. THE TEMPEST. Edited by F, S. Boas, M.A., Oxford. KING JOHN. — Edited by G. C. Moore Smith, M.A., Cambridge. RICHARD II. -- Edited by C. H. Herford, L.H.D., Cambridge. RICHARD III.-- Edited by George Macdonald, M.A., Oxford. HENRY V. -Edited by G. C. Moore Smith, M.A., Cambridge. HENRY VIII. -- Edited by D. Nichol Smith, M.A., Edinburgh. CORIOLANUS. - Edited by Edmund K. Chambers, B.A., Oxford. Much ADO ABOUT NOTHING. — Edited by J. C. Smith, M.A., Oxford. KING LEAR. Edited by D. Nichol Smith, M. A., Edinburgh.

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