An introduction to the study of Robert Browning's poetry Robert Browning, Hiram Corson

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Addison's Sir Roger de Coverley Papers. Edited by W. H. Hudson, Professor in the

Leland Stanford Junior University. Cloth. 232 pages. Nine full-page illustrations and

two maps. 35 cents. Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America. Edited by A. Fi Gobiadie, Master in

the Newton (Mass.) High School. Cloth. 119 pages. 20 cents. Carlyle's Essay on Burns. Edited, with introduction and notes, by ANDREW J. GEORGE.

Cloth. 159 pages. Illustrated. 25 cents. Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Edited by Andrew J. GEORGE. Cloth. 96

pages. Illustrated. 20 cents. Cooper's Last of the Mohicans. Edited by J. G. WIGHT, Principal Girls' High School,

New York City. Cloth, Maps and illustrations. 659 pages. 50 cents. De Quincey's Flight of a Tartar Tribe. Edited by G. A. WAUCHOPE, Professor in the

University of South Carolina. Cloth. 112 pages. 25 cents. Dryden's Palamon and Arcite. Edited by WILLIAM H. CRAWSHAW, Professor in Colgate

University. Cloth. 158 pages. Illustrated. 25 cents. George Eliot's Silas Marner. Edited by G. A. WAUCHOPE, Professor in the University of

South Carolina. Cloth. 288 pages. "Illustrated. 35 cents. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. With introduction and notes by William Henry

HUDSON. Cloth. 300 pages. Seventeen full-page illustrations by C. E. Brock. 50 cents. Macaulay's Essay on Milton. Edited by ALBERT PERRY WALKER, editor of Milton's “Paradise Lost,” Master in the English High School, Boston.

Cloth. 146 pages. Illustrated, 25 cents. Macaulay's Essay on Addison. Edited by ALBERT PERRY WALKBR. Cloth. 192 pages.

Illustrated. 25 cents. Miltor's Paradise Lost, Books I and II. Edited by ALBERT PERRY WALKER. Cloth.

188 pages. Illustrated. 25 cents. Milton's Minor Poems. Edited by ALBERT PERRY WALKER. Cloth. 190 pages. Illus

trated. 25 cents. Pope's Translation of the Iliad. Books I, VI, XXII, and XXIV, Edited by PAUL SHORBY, Professor in the University of Chicago. Cloth. 174 pages.

Illustrated. 25 cents. Scott's Ivanhoe. Edited by PORTER LANDER MACCLINTOCK, Instructor in the University of Chicago. Cloth. 556 pages.

Seventeen full-page illustrations by C. E. Brock. 50 cents. Shakespeare's Macbeth. Edited by EDMUND K. CHAMBERS. In the Arden Shakespeare

series. Cloth. 188 pages. 25 cents. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Edited by H. L. WITHERS. In the Arden Shake

speare series. Cloth. 178 pages. 25 cents. Tennyson's Enoch Arden and the two Locksley Halls. Edited by CALVIN S. BROWN,

Professor in the University of Colorado. Cloth. 168 pages. 25 cents. Tennyson's The Princess. With introduction and notes by ANDREW J. GBORGE, Master

in the Newton (Mass.) High School. Cloth. 148 pages. Illustrated. 25 cents. Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration. With introduction and notes by ANDREW J. GEORGE.

Boards. 55 pages. 20 cents.

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D. C. HEATH & CO., Publishers, Boston, New York, Chicago

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English Literature.

The Arden Shakespeare. The plays in their literary aspect, each with introduction, inter pretative notes, glossary, and essay on metre.

25 cts. Burke's American Orations. (A. J. GEORGB.) Five complete selections. 50 cts. Burns's Select Poems. (A. J. GEORGE.) 118 poems chronologically arranged, with intro

duction, notes and glossary. Illustrated. 75 cts. Coleridge's Principles of Criticism. (A. J. George.) From the Biographia Literaria.

With portrait. 60 cts. Cook's Judith. With introduction, translation, and glossary. Cloth. 170 pages. $1.00

Student's Edition, without translation. Paper. 104 pages. 30 cts. Cook's The Bible and English Prose Style. 40 cts. Corson's Introduction to Browning. A guide to the study of Browning's poetry. Also

has 33 poems with notes. With portrait of Browning. $1.00. Corson's Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare. A critical study of Shakespeare's

art, with comments on nine plays. $1.00. Davidson's Prolegomena to Tennyson's In Memoriam. A critical analysis, with an index

of the poem.

50 cts.

DeQuincey's Confessions of an Opium Eater. (G. A. WAUCHOPE.) A complete and

'scholarly edition. 50 cts. Hall's Beowulf. A metrical translation. 75 cts. Student's edition, 30 cts. Hawthorne and Lemmon's American Literature, Contains sketches, characterizations,

and selections. Illustrated with portraits. $1.12. Hodgkins's Nineteenth Century Authors. Gives full list of aids for library study of 26

authors. A separate pamphlet on each author. Price, 5 cts. each, or $3.00 per hun

dred. Complete in cloth. 60 cts. Meiklejohn's History of English Language and Literature. For high schools and

colleges. A compact and reliable statement of the essentials. 80 cts. Moulton's Four Years of Novel-Reading. A reader's guide. 50 cts. Moulton's Literary Study of the Bible. An account of the leading forms of literature

represented, without reference to theological matters. $2.00. Plumptre's Translation of Aeschylus. With biography and appendix. $1.00. Plumptre's Translation of Sophocles. With biography and appendix. $1.00. Shelley's Prometheus Unbound. (Vida D. SCUDDER.)

With introduction and notes. 60 cts. Simonds's Introduction to the Study of English Fiction. With illustrative selections,

80 cts. Briefer Edition, without illustrative selections. Boards. 30 cts. Sinionds's Sir Thomas Wyatt and his Poems. With biography, and critical analysis of

his poems. 50 cts. Webster's Speeches. (A. J. GEORGE.) Nine select speeches with notes. 75 cts. Wordsworth's Prefaces and Essays on Poetry. (A. J. GEORGE.) Contains the best of

Wordsworth's prose. Wordsworth's Prelude (A. J. George.) Annotated for high schools and colleges. Never

before published alone. 75 cts. Selections from Wordsworth. (A. J. GEORGE.) 168 poems chosen with a view to illus

trate the growth of the poet's mind and art. 75 cts.

50 cts.

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