The Rituals and Myths of the Feast of the Goodly Gods of KTU/CAT 1.23: Royal Constructions of Opposition, Intersection, Integration, and Domination

Society of Biblical Lit, 2006 - 201 ˹
Text of the work known as The birth of the beautiful gods, in parallel columns: Ugaritic (romanized) and English (p. 18-25), with commentary and discussion in English.

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辺Ԩó 觢ŷ

Introduction and Text
Ritual Actions and Narrative Recitations
Divine Narrative
The Question of Sacred Marriage and the Textual Relations
Intersecting Genres and Cultural Codes

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˹ x - JC de Moor. The Seasonal Pattern in the Ugaritic Myth ofBa'lu: According to the Version ofllimilku.
˹ x - G. del Olmo Lete. Mitosy leyendas de Canaan segun la Tradicion de Ugarit, Institucion San Jeronimo para la Ciencia Biblica 1.

ǡѺ (2006)

Mark S. Smith is Skirball Professor of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at New York University