On Diet and Regimen in Sickness and Health: And on the Interdependence and Prevention of Diseases and the Diminution of Their Fatality

H.K. Lewis, 1882 - 327 ˹

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˹ 2 - WHAT IS MALARIA ? AND WHY IS IT MOST INTENSE IN HOT CLIMATES ? An explanation of the Nature and Cause of the so-called Marsh Poison, with the Principles to be observed for the Preservation of Health in Tropical Climates and Malarious Districts.
˹ 29 - JOHN COCKLE, MA, MD Physician to the Royal Free Hospital. ON INTRA-THORACIC CANCER, 8vo, 4s. 6d. -WH CORFIELD, MA, MD OXON. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health in University College, London. DWELLING HOUSES : their sanitary construction and arrangements.
˹ 29 - A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY INCLUDING THE DISEASES OF PREGNANCY AND PARTURITION. Revised and Annotated by S. TARNIER. Translated from the Seventh French Edition by WR BULLOCK, MD Royal 8vo, over noo pages, 175 Illustrations, 30s.
˹ 1 - DR. MORITZ MEYER. Royal Counsellor of Health, &c. ELECTRICITY IN ITS RELATION TO PRACTICAL MEDICINE. Translated from the Third German Edition, with notes and additions by WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, MD With Illustrations, large 8vo, i8s.
˹ 2 - L.). Applied Anatomy of the Nervous System, being a Study of this Portion of the Human Body from a Standpoint of its General Interest and Practical Utility, designed for Use as a Text-Book and as a Work of Reference.