A Tale of the Grenada Raiders: Memories in the Idioms of Dreams

Magic Kingdom Dispatch, 24 .. 2017 - 377 ˹

An airborne Ranger's memoir of the Grenada invasion, Operation Urgent Fury.

On October 25, 1983, Rangers from the 1st and 2d Ranger Battalions parachuted into the teeth of the Cuban defenses on revolutionary Grenada.

This account of the combat jump, the battles to seize the airfield at Point Salines, the evacuation of American students at Grand Anse, and a raid against the Cuban barracks at Point Calivigny is told for the first time by a participant.

Richly illustrated. Corrected edition.



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ǡѺ (2017)

A Ranger and Green Beret, Stephen Trujillo served in the 2d Ranger Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, and DEA Operation Snowcap.

A Tale of the Grenada Raiders is the first installment in the Tales of the Rangers series. The next book, The Rosetta Stone of Memories, is forecasted for publication in 2018.

The capstone anthology, Tales of the Rangers, will be published in two volumes in 2019.

An account of his tours as an advisor to the Peruvian Drug Police (policia de drogas) in the Upper Huallaga Valley, In the Valley of the Shadows: A Place of Smoke and Rivers Like Mirrors,is projected for publication in2020.

The writer resides in Bangkok.