Diseases of the nose and its accessory cavities

H.K. Lewis, 1875 - 472 ˹

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˹ 476 - ERNEST FRANCIS, Fcs Demonstrator of Practical Chemistry, Charing Cross Hospital. .PRACTICAL EXAMPLES IN QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS, forming a Concise Guide to the Analysis of Water, &c. Illustrated, fcap. 8vo, 2S. 6d.
˹ 473 - A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY, including the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition.
˹ 475 - From the extent of the author's investigations into the best theory and practice of the present day, the world over, and the candor and good judgment which he brings to bear upon the discussion of each subject, we are justified in regarding his treatises as standard and authoritative, so far as in this disputed subject authority is admissible.
˹ 199 - ... and lead into minute canals, the canaliculi, which proceed inwards to terminate in the lachrymal sac. The superior canal, the smaller and longer of the two, at first ascends, and then bends at an acute angle, and passes inwards and downwards to the lachrymal sac. The inferior canal at first descends, and then abruptly changing its course, passes almost horizontally inwards. They are dense and elastic in structure, and somewhat dilated at their angle. The lachrymal sac is the upper dilated extremity...
˹ 471 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL USES OF ELECTRICITY. Including Localized and General Faradization ; Localized and Central Galvanization ; Electrolysis and Galvano-Cautery.
˹ 473 - The Science and Practice of Medicine in Relation to Mind, the Pathology of the Nerve Centres, and the Jurisprudence of Insanity, being a course of lectures delivered at Guy's Hospital.