Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings

Alan S. Canestrari, Bruce A. Marlowe
SAGE, 2010 - 234 ˹

Why Teach?
Who Are Today's Students?
What Makes a Good Teacher?

Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings, Second Edition answers these questions and more, providing an exciting alternative to other foundations textbooks. This anthology is aimed at students about to enter the teaching profession, those new to the profession, and anyone interested in carefully examining schools and schooling.

In this Second Edition, editors Alan S. Canestrari and Bruce A. Marlowe add new essays by classic and contemporary policy shapers and teachers. The readings are bold and refreshing, and their authors eschew unquestioning compliance. By taking a hard look at traditional educational practice, the contributors to this anthology serve as models for the kind of reflective practitioners that its editors hope that students will become while in the field. For a complete list of contributors, please see the Table of Contents.

Key Features

  • Encourages discussion and debate through provocative essays that provide readers with opportunities to think critically about teaching and learning
  • Includes brief introductory vignettes that raise probing questions about teaching and learning and provide context for the essays that follow

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The Green Monongahela
The Destruction of the Hearts
Why Teach?
Who Are Todays Students?
Racism Discrimination and Expectations
Challenging Deficit Thinking
Rejecting Instruction That Disables
What Makes a Good Teacher?
What Do Good Schools Look Like?
How One Group
Using Learning Plans
An Ecological
How Should We Assess Student Learning?
The Standards Fraud
How Does One Develop a Critical Voice?
A Conversation With

On StirandServe Recipes for Teaching
Its Still About
So What Do You Do Now?
Fostering Critical Voice
Achieving Ideological Escape

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ǡѺ (2010)

Alan Canestrari Alan S. Canestrari, Ed.D, Boston University, a veteran social studies practitioner and Professor of Education at Roger Williams University, is co-editor (with Bruce Marlowe) of Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings (Sage) and Educational Psychology in Context: Readings for Future Teachers (Sage). Educational Foundations was awarded the 2005 American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Award. Canestrari had a long career in public schools and universities as a history teacher, department chair, adjunct professor at Rhode Island College, and mentor in the Brown University Masters of Teaching Program. He was the RI Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 1992.

Bruce A. Marlowe Bruce A. Marlowe earned his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. where he also completed two years of postdoctoral training in neuropsychological assessment. He is the co-author (with Marilyn Page) of Creating and Sustaining the Constructivist Classroom (Corwin Press) and of a 6- part video series entitled, Creating the Constructivist Classroom (The Video of Journal Education). He is also the co-editor (with Alan Canestrari) of Educational Psychology in Context: Readings for Future Teachers . He has taught at the elementary, secondary and University levels and is currently Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Education at Roger Williams University.