Metamorphosis: Forging an Airborne Ranger

Magic Kingdom Dispatch, 16 .. 2018 - 260 ˹

Metamorphosisis the sequel toStephen Trujillo's Tale of the Grenada Raiders.

Those who want to know about Trujillo's origins find their answers in this book, which details the training of airborne Rangers and Special Forces medics.

Metamorphosis is the second installment in the Tales of the Rangers.

Tales of the Rangers will be published in two volumes in 2019.


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ǡѺ (2018)

Stephen Trujillo is the author of A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, Metamorphosis andRevelation: A Screed on Dreams and Worlds Without End.

The final installment inTales of Rangersis forecast for late 2019.

Stephen Trujillo is a former airborne Ranger and Green Beret writing in Bangkok.