Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1860
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˹ 2 - Every member who shall be in the House when the question is put shall give his vote, unless the House shall excuse him. All motions to excuse a member from voting shall be made before the House divides, or before the call of the yeas and nays is commenced, and
˹ 3 - to attend the House during its sittings; to aid in the enforcement of order, under the direction of the Speaker; to execute the commands of the House from time to time, together with all such process issued by authority thereof, as shall be directed to him by the Speaker.
˹ 13 - pension under the act entitled "An act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the army of the revolution," approved on the 15th day of May, 1828. That, by the rules of the department, the claimant was required to make oath in support of his declaration, in addition to other evidence offered.
˹ 4 - commitment and report thereof to the House, or at any time before its passage, a bill may be recommitted ; and should such recommitment take place after its engrossment, and an amendment be reported and agreed to by the House, the question shall be again put on the engrossment of the bill.
˹ 2 - but its only effect, if a motion to postpone is pending, shall be to bring the House to a vote upon such motion. Whenever the House shall refuse to order the main question, the consideration of the subject shall be resumed as though no motion for the previous question had been made. A
˹ 4 - carried, shall be considered equivalent to its rejection. " Whenever a bill is reported from a Committee of the Whole, with a recommendation to strike out the enacting words, and such recommendation is disagreed to by the House, the bill shall stand recommitted to the said committee without further action by the House.