Constructing Tradition: Means and Myths of Transmission in Western Esotericism

Andreas Kilcher
BRILL, 5 .. 2010 - 474 ˹
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The question of constructing tradition, concepts of origin, and memory as well as techniques and practices of knowledge transmission, are central for cultures in general. In esotericism, however, such questions and techniques play an outstanding role and are widely reflected upon, in its literature. Esoteric paradigms not only understand themselves in elaborated mytho-poetical narratives as bearers of older , hidden , higher knowledge. They also claim their knowledge to be of a particular origin. And they claim this knowledge has been transmitted by particular (esoteric) means, media and groups. Consequently, esotericism not only involves the construction of its own tradition; it can even be understood as a specific form of tradition and transmission. The various studies of the present voume, which contains the papers of a conference held in Tübingen in July 2007, provide an overview of the most important concepts and ways of constructing tradition in esotericism.

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Kabbalistic Concepts of Tradition
Myths of Origin

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Andreas B. Kilcher, PhD. (1996) in German Litreature, University of Basel, is Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at ETH Zurich since 2008. From 2004-2008 he has been Professor of Modern German Literature at the University of T bingen. His research interests cover the history of German-Jewish literature and culture, literary and science; studies in esotericism. He recently published "Die Enzyklop dik der Esoterik: Allwissenheitsmythen und universalwissenschaftliche Modelle in der Esoterik der Neuzeit" with Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2010.