Robertson's Practical English-Thai Dictionary

Tuttle Publishing, 2004 - 146 ˹
This is a compact, travelsized English to Thai dictionary

This convenient pocket dictionary is a great way to learn Thai and contains everything you will need to make yourself understood in simple spoken or written Thai. The words and phrases have been carefully chosen to cover everything you are likely to need when talking to Thai people on everyday topics and to give you the most common and practical ways to express in Thai what you want to say. Each Thai word and phrase is given in both authentic Thai script and in a from using the roman alphabet to show you clearly how to pronounce it correctly, including the allimportant tones. A useful Appendix includes lists of numbers, days of the week and months of the year, and sets out how to tell the time in Thai. It also explains the system of using 'classifiers' or 'counters' when talking about the number of objects, and gives guidance on the complications of how to say "yes" and "no" in Thai.
  • Contains over 5,000 practical Thai words and expressions.
  • Entries written in Thai script and romanized Thai.
  • Pronunciation guide.
  • Appendix, including grammar notes and basic information on the Thai language.

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