A handbook of therapeutics, Ѻ 157

Lewis, 1871 - 483 ˹

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˹ 483 - A TEXT-BOOK OF PRACTICAL MEDICINE, WITH " PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY. Translated from the Eighth German Edition, by special permission of the Author, by GEORGE H. HUMPHREY, MD, and CHARLES E. HACKLEY, MD, Revised Edition, 2 vols., large 8vo, 36s.
˹ 230 - The protective he employs is made of oiled silk " brushed over with a mixture of one part of dextrine, two parts of powdered starch, and sixteen parts of cold watery solution of carbolic acid (one to twenty).
˹ 485 - German pathologlsts, has long been felt ; and we venture to say no book could more perfectly supply that want than the present volume. . . . 'We would strongly recommend it to all who take any interest in the progress of thought and observation in surgical pathology and surgery.'' The Lancet.
˹ 485 - A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY INCLUDING THE DISEASES OF PREGNANCY AND PARTURITION. Revised and Annotated by S. TARNIER. Translated from the Seventh French Edition by WR BULLOCK, MD Royal 8vo, over noo pages, 175 Illustrations, 30s.
˹ 461 - Then strain the milk, and add it, boiling, to the mixed arrowroot; sweeten it with sifted sugar, and let it boil, stirring it all the time, till it thickens sufficiently to come from the saucepan.
˹ 485 - It is unquestionably a work of the highest excellence, rich in information, and perhaps fuller in details than any text-book with which we are acquainted. The author has not merely treated of every question which relates to the business of parturition but he has done so with judgment and ability.