Twenty-five Years of Organized Boys Work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1891-1915

State Executive Committee, Young Men's Christian Associations Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1915 - 129 ˹

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˹ 123 - I will trust in Him, THAT HE CAN HOLD HIS OWN ; and I will take His will, above the work He sendeth me, To be my chiefest good.
˹ 33 - ISE! for the day Is passing. And you lie dreaming on; The others have buckled their armour, And forth to the fight are gone: A place in the ranks awaits you, Each man has some part to play; The Past and the Future are nothing, In the face of the stem To-day, Rise from your dreams of the Future Of gaining some hard-fought field; Of storming some airy fortress.
˹ 33 - ... though the rock repel thee, In its cold and sterile pride ; Some cleft there may be riven Where the little seed may hide. Fear not, for some will flourish, And, though the tares abound, Like the willows by the waters Will the scattered grain be found.
˹ 18 - Every temptation that is resisted, every sympathetic impulse that is discreetly yielded to, every noble aspiration that is encouraged, every sinful thought that is repressed, every bitter word that is withheld, adds its little item to the impetus of the great movement which is bearing Humanity onwards toward a richer life and a higher character.
˹ 21 - Resolved, That it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that in regretting his removal from our midst we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard.
˹ 23 - The hearts of men are their books ; events are their tutors ; great actions are their eloquence...
˹ 21 - WHEREAS, in view of the loss we have sustained by the decease of our friend and associate, Dr. Joseph Eichberg, and of the still heavier loss sustained by those who were nearest and dearest to him : therefore...
˹ 127 - ... religious and social meetings, gymnasiums and such other means and services as may conduce to the accomplishment of that object, according to the general rules and regulations of the state executive committee of the young men's Christian associations of this state, may make, sign and acknowledge before any officer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds in this state and, with the written consent and approbation of one of the...
˹ 119 - To the State Executive Committee of the Young Men's Christian Associations of New Jersey for the gift of $50 toward a scholarship for I i: :i .
˹ 21 - Providence to afflict them, and commend them for consolation to Him who orders all things for the best. Resolved, That this heartfelt testimonial of our sympathy and sorrow be spread on the minutes and published in the TOBACCO WORKER.