Public Health Reports, Ѻ 37-38

U.S. Public Health Service, 1920
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˹ 113 - in charge," wherever used in this act, shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of the Territories, the laws of any State or the laws of any foreign country. Domestic AnimalsDisposal of Dead Bodies. (Reg.
˹ 215 - whole or in part, and other contents shall have been placed in such package, or if the package fails to bear a statement on the label of the quantity or proportion of any alcohol, morphine, opium, codeine, cocaine, heroin, alpha or beta eucaine, chloroform, cannabis indica, chloral hydrate, or acetanilide, or any derivative or preparation of
˹ 53 - not more than six months; or by a fine of not more than $200, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court. ShellfishTaking from Contaminated Sources ProhibitedDuties of State Board of Health. (Ch. 48, Act Apr. 5, 1917.) SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful to take oysters, clams, quahaugs, mussels or other
˹ 101 - is concealed, or If it is made to appear better or of greater value than It is, or If It is colored or flavored In Imitation of the genuine color or flavor of another substance of a previously established name. Fifth. If it contains added poisonous Ingredient, which may render such article
˹ 455 - Third. If the contents of the package as originally put up shall have been removed, in whole or in part thereof, and other contents shall have been placed in such package; or if the package fail to bear statement on the label of the presence of any alcohol, morphine, opium, heroin, cocaine, alpha or beta eucaine, chloroform,
˹ 101 - to reduce, lower, or Injuriously affect its quality or strength. Second. If any substance be substituted wholly or packed with it so as to reduce, lower, or injuriously affect its quality or strength. Third. If any valuable constituent of the article has been wholly or in part abstracted, or if the product is below that standard of quality represented to
˹ 101 - are not plainly made known to the purchaser and to the consumer. Fifth. If the package containing it or its label shall bear any statement, design, or device regarding the ingredients or the substances contained therein, which- statement, design, or device shall be false or misleading in any particular : Provided, That
˹ 214 - or other animals, whether simple, mixed or compound. SEC. 7. For the purposes of this act an article shall be deemed to be adulterated: In case of drugs: First. If, when a drug is sold under or by a name recognized in the United States Pharmacopeia or National Formulary, it differs from the
˹ 215 - article of food which does not contain any added poisonous or deleterious ingredients shall not be deemed to be adulterated or misbranded in the following cases: First. In the case of articles which are mixtures or compounds which may be now or from time to time hereafter known as articles of food, under their own distinctive
˹ 139 - as to deceive or mislead the purchaser, or purports to be a foreign product when not so, or if the contents of a package as originally put up shall have been removed in whole or in part and refilled by contents of a different quality or of a