The Story of Noah and the Ark

Macmillan, 2004 - 31 ˹
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And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring
into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.

A magnificently illustrated edition of a favorite Bible story

The story of Noah: he builds an ark, gathers his family, and brings the animals two by two into the ark to save them from the flood. From the tumultuous waters to the dignity and beauty of the animals, Gennady Spirin's sumptuous illustrations are a feast for the eyes and the imagination.
Mr. Spirin has drawn on his classical training and his Orthodox Christian faith to create a lavish book that people of all ages and faiths can enjoy.


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I am in the process of acquiring all books illustrated by Gennady Spirin. Born in Russia on Christmas Day, he, his wife and three sons live in Princeton, NJ. He is one of my favorite illustrators. His ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ


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Spirin's detailed, luminous paintings provide a traditional interpretation of the familiar Old Testament story, using the old-fashioned, measured cadences of the King James Bible as the text. The ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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Gennady Spirin was born on Christmas Day in 1948 in a small town near Moscow. He is a graduate of the Stroganov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow and has received many awards for his work both in the United States and internationally. Mr. Spirin lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with his wife and three sons.