Cultures and Politics of Global Communication: Volume 34, Review of International Studies

Costas M. Constantinou, Oliver P. Richmond, Alison Watson
Cambridge University Press, 12 .. 2008 - 234 ˹
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This special issue of Review of International Studies focuses on how International Relations (IR) communicates with the world, and vice versa. It opens up the discussion of the politics of communication within the discipline and beyond. With a variety of different mediums ranging from media, film, memory, music, culture, and emotions, this book seeks to accentuate their importance for IR, both as a source of knowledge and as an ideational exchange which shapes IR. It examines the diverse ways that multidisciplinary thinkers try to understand and explain global routes, mobilities, cultures, commodifications, singularities, discourses and aestheticisations. This special issue specifically addresses three interrelated themes: How international and global studies approach the question of communication, how to conceptualise and respond to the globalisation of communication and how global problems get communicated within and across the institutional settings of the epistemic disciplines in general, and the IR discipline in particular.

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an interview with Armand
International Relations and the communicative
a political economy of openness in a global
emotions and world politics
the remediation
ethical communication in Lonely Planet
Transversal communication diaspora and the EuroKurds
the punk rock politics of global
Biopolitics communication and global governance


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Costas Constantinou teaches at Keele University and elads a project on sustainable diplomacy for the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. He also taught at the universities of Hull and Lancaster and held visiting appointments at the Middle east Technical University and the University of Cyprus. He is the author of On the Way to Diplomacy (Minnesota University Press, 1996) and States of Political Disclosure: Words, Regimes Sedition's (Routledge, 2004). He has published articles in Alternatives, Cooperation and Conflict, Global Society, International Journal for the semantics of Law, Mediterranean Politics, Millennium: Journal of International studies, Postcolonial Studies, Space and Culture and The Cyprus Review.

Oliver Richmond is a Professor in the School of IR, University of St. Andrews, UK and Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. His publications include The Concept of Peace in IR Theory (Routledge, 2008), Transforming of Peace (Palgrave, 2005) and Maintaining Order, Making Peace (Palgrave 2002). He can be contacted on

Alison Watson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of IR, University of St. Andrews. Her main area of research is on the role of children in the international system and she has published articles in a variety of journals including: Third World Quarterly, New Political Economy, International Feminist journal of Politics and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.