W. A. Frayer, Assistant in Elocution and Oratory, October 2, 1906. W. E. Harries, Assistant in Military Science and Tactics, October 2,

1906. A. L. Barton, Assistant in Ancient and Modern European History,

October 2, 1906. M. J. Johnson and F. P. Goodwin, Assistant Demonstrators of Anat

omy, to January 1, 1906, October 2, 1906. H. L. Rockwood, Assistant in Anatomy, October 2, 1906. R. C. Wilson, Assistant in Pharmacology, October 2, 1906. A. C. Durand, Assistant in Physiology and Pharmacology, October

2, 1906. B. A. Place, Assistant in Physiology, October 2, 1906, and Assistant

in Histology and Embryology, January 8, 1907. C. C. Norris, Demonstrator of Anatomy, October 2, 1906. E. Osterberg, Assistant in Chemistry, October 2, 1906. P. J. White, M. W. Evans, and J. B. Shepard, Assistants in Agron

omy, October 2, 1906. V. W. Rood and H. B. Tillou, Demonstrators of Veterinary Anat

omy, October 2, 1906. A. D. Taylor, Assistant in Rural Art, October 9, 1906. J. F. Darling, G. E. F. Lundell, F. W. Storrs, R. B. Roe, and H. B.

Underwood, Assistants in Chemistry, October 9, 1906. H. J. Roig, Assistant in American History, October 9, 1906. J. J. MacSherry, Assistant in Physical Culture, October 9, 1906. R. R. Blews, Assistant in Ancient History, October 9, 1906. H. C. Pierce and C. A. Rogers, Assistants in Poultry Ilusbandry,

October 30, 1906. J. F. Cowan, Assistant in Physiology, October 30, 19.06. C. R. Stockard, Assistant in Embryology, October 30, 1906. H. I. Andrews and F. R. Wright, Assistant Demonstrators of Anat

omy, November 13, 1906, and the former, Assistant in Histology

and Embryology, February 5, 19-7. C. C. Hedges, Assistant in Chemistry, December 11, 1906. P. Sheldon, Assistant in Geology, December 11, 1906. H. E. Carver, Assistant in Physics, January 2, 1907. C. E. Ferree, Assistant in Psychology, January 2, 1907. A. A. Allen, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology, Janu

ary 22, 1907. F. L. Whitney, Assistant in Geology, February 5, 1907. J. A. Wilkinson, Assistant in Chemistry, February 5, 1907.

W. R. Ourand, Assistant in Military Science and Tactics, February

I, 1907. H. W. Redfield, Assistant in Chemistry, March 5, 1907. C. S. Gwinn, Assistant in Chemistry, April 25, 1907. A. B. Cudebac and H. A. Watt, Assistants in Reference Department

of Library, October 2, 1906. H. Hermannsson, Amanuensis in charge of the Icelandic collection

in the Library, October 2, 1906. L. M. Baker, Assistaut Law Librarian, October 9, 1905. C. A. Van Natten and A. Gregory, Attendants in the Circulating

Library, January 2, 1907. M. Fowler, Acting Amanuensis of the Petrarch and Dante collec

tions, January 2, 1907.


W. B. Carver, Instructor in Mathematics.
G. E. Condra, Professor of Geology, University of Nebraska.
I. O. Chormann, Assistant in Chemistry.
L. Cooper, Assistant Professor of English.
H. G. Dorsey, Instructor in Physics.
W. H. Glasson, Professor of Economics, Trinity College, N. C.
A. Gordon, Instructor in Romance Languages.
W. L. Head, Assistant in Forging.
E. W. Kemmerer, Assistant Professor of Political Economy.
F. Pauls, Instructor in German.
J. E. Peabody, Head of Department of Biology, Morris High School,

New York City.
P. R. Pope, Assistant Professor of German.
F. F. Shetterly, Assistant in Chemistry.
C. M. Stebbins, Teacher of English, Boys High School, Brooklyn.
J. H. Tanner, Professor of Mathematics.
C. H. VanTyne, Professor of History, University of Michigan.
A. H. Wright, Assistant in Vertebrate Zoology.
M. L. Kuschke, Acting Warden of Sage College and Cottage.

The following appointments were made for the year 1907-1908 :

A. R. Hill, Professor of the Philosophy of Education, April 27, 1907,

and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, April 29, 1907.

F. Irvine, Dean of the Law Faculty and Director of the College of

Law, June 19, 1907. E. Albee, Professor of Philosophy, promoted from an assistant pro

fessorship, April 27, 1907. H. Diederichs, Professor of Experimental Engineering, promoted

from an assistant professorship, April 27, 1907. H. E. Dauin, Professor of Music, promoted from an assistant pro

fessorship, June 19, 1907. J. Hébrard, Professor (1906–1907 Acting Professor) of Design in the

College of Architecture, June 19, 1907. W. N. Barnard, Professor of Steam Engineering, promoted from an

assistant professorship, June 19, 1907. T. W. Hastings, Professor of Clinical Pathology, June 19, 1907. B. M. Duggar, Professor of Plant Physiology in the New York State

College of Agriculture, June 19, 1907. J. M. Hart, Professor of the English Language and Literature, Emer

itus, June 19, 1907. G. W. Jones, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, June 19, 1907. M. A. Pond, D. Derickson, and F. J. Seery, Assistant Professors of

Civil Engineering, promoted from instructorships, May 27, 1907. E. H. Wood, Assistant Professor of Machine Design, promoted from

an instructorship, May 27, 1907. W. M. Wilson, Instructor in Meteorology, April 16, 1907. T. B. Evermann, Instructor in Architecture, April 16, 1907. H. Davidsen, Instructor in German, May 27, 1907. S. Blanton, Instructor in Oratory, May 27, 1907. A. M. Drummond, Instructor in Oratory and Debate, May 27, 1907. 0. C. Lockhart, Instructor in Economics, May 27, 1907.. C. F. Craig and F. W. Owens, Iustructors in Mathematics, the former

promoted from an assistantship, May 27, 1907. C. W. Edgerton, Ivstructor in Botany, promoted from an assistant

ship, May 27, 1907. 0. D. Von Engeln, Instructor in Physical Geography, promoted from

an assistantship in geology, May 27, 1907. J. M. Gelas, Instructor in Fencing, promoted from an assistantship,

May 27, 1907. J. J. MacSherry, Instructor in Boxing, promoted from an assistant

ship, May 27, 1907. E. J. O'Connell, Instructor in Wrestling, May 27, 1907. W. M. Baldwin, Instructor in Anatomy, promoted from an assistant

ship, May 27, 1907.

H. L. Freeman, Instructor in Machine Design, May 27, 1907.
F. G. Tappan, L. F. Blume, and F. C. Loring, Instructors in Experi-

mental Engineering, May 27, 1907. E. H. Hollands, Instructor in Philosophy, June 18, 1907. C. E. S. Webster, Jr., Instructor in Clinical Therapeutics, June

18, 1907M. B. Garrett and G. F. Zook, Assistants in Modern European

History, May 27, 1907. H. W. Humble and R. E. Samuels, Assistants in Economics, May

27, 1907. R. D. Smith, Assistant in Political Economy and Finance, May 27,1907. W. H. Pyle, Assistant in Psychology, May 27, 1907. K. J. Monrad and C. L. Jenks, Assistants in Chemistry, May 27, 1907. J. M. Reade and H. B. Brown, Assistants in Botany, May 27, 1907. S. L. Galpin and L. L. Graham, Assistants in Geology, May 27, 1907. L. M. Ryan, H. L. Hupe, S. E. Blunt, E. H. Cumpston, A. E. West,

S. S. Rolph, and C. B. Henning, Assistants in Military Science

and Tactics, May 27, 1907. P. B. Hoge, R. W. Howe, and W. E. Hogan (second term), Assist

ants in Physical Culture, May 27, 1907. J. E. McDaniel, Assistant in Histology and Embryology (second

term), May 27, 1907. F. R. Wright, Assistant in Nervous System and Demonstrator in

Histology and Anatomy (second term), May 27, 1907. J. P. Schaeffer, Demonstrator in Anatomy, May 27, 1907. G. L. Pease and H. L. Prince, Assistant Demonstrators in Anatomy

(first term), May 27, 1907. G. G. Bogert, Assistant in American History, June 11, 1907. A. H. Jones, Assistant in Philosophy, June 18, 1907. C. J. Humphrey, Assistant in Botany, June 18, 1907. J. B. Norton, Assistant Biologist in the Experiment Station, June

18, 1907. D. Symmers, Assistant in Pathology, June 18, 1907. H. B. Williams, Assistant in Physiology, June 18, 1907. W. E. Schutt, President's Secretary and University Publisher, Jan

uary 2, 1907. L. A. Popplewell, Cataloguer in Library, June 18, 1907. L. M. Brockway, Assistant in Reference Department, June 18, 1907. L. S. Church and G. A. Mathers, Assistant Law Librarians, June APPENDIX II

18, 1907.


To the President of the University:


I have the honor to submit my fifth annual report as Dean of the University Faculty. The subject matter is arranged with reference to the work of the committees of which the Dean is ex-officio chairman, and with reference to such functions as have been especially assigned to him by the Faculty.

During the past year the University has been invited to participate in the ceremonies connected with the inauguration of the Carnegie Institute in the city of Pittsburg, and the University was represented by the President. The following address was presented in behalf of Cornell University : “ Cornell University extends to the Carnegie Institute saluta

tions and hearty congratulation. It welcomes with high hopes the inauguration of a noble enterprise in which the True, the Beautiful and the Useful appear as parts of one splendid plan. It recognizes with admiration the munificence and far-seeing purpose of one who has done so much for the city of Pittsburg and for the advancement of the higher interests of the whole nation. That the Carnegie Institute through the centuries may be a benediction to the Republic is the ardent wish and confident expectation of

Cornell University.” The University was called upon toʻmourn the sudden death of Professor Ernest Wilson Huffcut, Director of the College of Law and professor of law. The following resolutions of respect and condolence were spread upon the minutes of the Faculty and communicated to the family :

“The Faculty of Cornell University records upon its minutes this memorial of Ernest Wilson Huffcut whose beneficent influence upon the life and work of the University extended far beyond his daily service to the College of Law, of which he was the distinguished Director.

He was closely identified with the University as student or teacher for more than twenty years, and always a potent factor in its

« ͹˹Թõ