The following new appointments were made during the year 1908-1909: J. P. Bretz, Assistant Professor of American History, September 30,

1908. E. Baker, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and the Practice of

Medicine (promoted rom a lectureship), October 27, 1908. M. B. Tinker, Assistant Professor of Surgery (promoted from a

lectureship), October 27, 1908. F. L. Ackerman, Lecturer in Design in the College of Architecture

(Second Term), February 16, 1909. W. A. Riley, Secretary of the College of Agriculture, October 13,

1908. E. S. Guthrie, Instructor in Dairy Industry, September 30, 1908. A. D. DuBois, Instructor in Electrical Engineering, September 30,

1908. F. G. Anderson, Instructor in Experimental Electrical Engineering

(First Term), September 30, 1908, and Instructor in Civil

Engineering (Second Term), February 2, 1909. R. P. Davis and W. B. Cornell, Instructors in Civil Engineering,

September 30, 1908. E. K. Soper, Instructor in Economic Geology, September 30, 1908. R. D. Schrock, Instructor in Physiology and Pharmacology (pro

moted from an assistantship), September 30, 1908. C. Sturgis, Instructor in Romance Languages, September 30, 1908. G. E. Burnap, Instructor in Rural Art, October 13, 1908. M. P. Jones, Instructor in Extension Teaching, October 13, 1908. H. Stephenson, Instructor in Experimental Engineering, October 13,

1908. R. D. Smith, Instructor in Political Economy and Statistics (pro

moted from an assistantship), October 13, 1908. E. J. Bailey, Instructor in English, October 13, 1908. C. T. Stagg, Instructor in the College of Law, November 24, 1908.

F. R. Wright, Instructor in Bacteriology in the Veterinary College

(Second Term), January 13, 1909. T. B. Hyde, Instructor in Experimental Engineering, April 27, 1909. T. F. Mead, Assistant in Histology and Embryology, September 30,

1908. A. A. Johnson, Assistant in Physiology and Pharmacology, Septem

ber 30, 1908. W. J. O'Connell, Assistant in Wrestling, September 30, 1908. W. B. Smith, Assistant in Machine Shop, September 30, 1908. H. W. Gillett and J. C. Cothran, Assistants in Chemistry, September

30, 1908. C. H. Williams, Assistant in Philosophy, September 30, 1908. R. J. Spencer, Assistant in Economics, October 13, 1908. R. E. Coulson, Assistant in Political Economy and Finance, October

13, 1908. M. Kush, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology, October

13, 1908. W. E. Hopper, Assistant in Geology, October 13, 1908. A. J. Wilson, J. Gaub, A. C. Kraft, and S. W. Shattuck, Assistants

in Chemistry, October 13, 1908. E. R. Crofts, Assistant in Physical Culture, October 13, 1908. H. N. Simpson, Assistant in Physical Geography, October 13, 1908. C. A. Brooks, Assistant in Forge Shop, October 13, 1908. H. B. McWhorter, Assistant in Foundry, October 13, 1908. T. B. Hyde and M. F. Thurston, Assistants in Physics, October 27,

1908. H. W. Martin, Assistant in Oratory, October 27, 1908. J. H. Snook, Assistant in Veterinary Clinical Medicine and Surgery,

October 27, 1908. E. Sameth, Assistant in the Sage College Gymnasium, October 27,

1908. H. Schull, H. Bacheller, and W. S. Lyon, Assistants in Poultry Hus

bandry, October 27, 1908. H. J. Pierce, Assistant in Machine Design, November 4, 1908. A. C. Stryke, Assistant in Entomology, November 4, 1908. W. McHenry, Assistant in Veterinary Pathology and Bacteriology,

November 10, 1908.
F. J. Biele, Assistant in Geology (for the remainder of the First

Term), November 24, 1908.
L. Connelly, Assistant in Boxing, January 12, 1909.
R. Saby, Assistant in Politics, January 12, 1909.

S. G. Rubinow, Assistant in the Department of Physical Culture

(Second Term), February 2, 1909. A. H. Gilbert, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology

(Second Term), February 2, 1909. E. C. Mayer and E. T. Turner, Assistants in Physics (Second Term),

February 16, 1909
W. J. Marsh, Assistant in Chemistry, April 20, 1909.
C. C. Murdock, Assistant in Physics, May 1, 1909.
J. E. Fredericks, Assistant in Machine Design, May 15, 1909.
R. D. Anthony, Assistant in Horticulture, May 25, 1909.

SUMMER SESSION, 1909 R. P. Anderson, Assistant in Chemistry. C. C. Bell, Teacher of Psychology in the Brooklyn Training School

for Teachers. E. J. Bailey, Instructor in English. A. N. Bean, Assistant in Biology. H. H. Brown, Head of the Department of Drawing, Stuyvesant High

School, New York City.
D. Derickson, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering.
G. C. Embody, Instructor in Zoology.
W S. Foster, Assistant in Psychology.
C. 0. Harris, Professor of Greek and Latin, Illinois College.
J. B. Hill, Assistant in Botany.
W. A. Hilton, Instructor in Zoology.
E. F. Hitch, Assistant in Chemistry.
L. Hooper, Assistant in Shop.
J. L. King, Assistant in Physiology.
B. J. Lemon, Assistant in Chemistry.
F. W. C. Lieder, Instructor in German.
F. Lynham, Assistant in Shop.
B. S. Monroe, Instructor in English.
G. W. Nasmyth, Instructor in Physics.
E. H. Nichols, Instructor in Chemistry.
A. B. Poland, Superintendent of Schools, Newark, N. J.
H. W. Redfield, Instructor in Chemistry.
M. H. Robinson, Professor of Industry and Transportation, Univer-

sity of Illinois.
A. Schinz, Associate Professor of French. Bryn Mawr College.
J. H. Scott, Assistant in Chemistry.
F. J. Seery, Instructor in Civil Engineering.

F. R. Sharpe, Instructor in Mathematics.
H. N. Simpson, Assistant in Geography.
A. C. Stryke, Assistant in Zoology.
W. Strunk, Jr., Professor of the English Language and Literature.
T. W. B. Welsh, Assistant in Chemistry.
J. A. Wilkinson, Assistant in Chemistry.
H. E. Wood, Supervisor of Manual Training, Indianapolis, Ind.

The following appointments were made up to and including July 21st, 1909, to take effect at the beginning of the academic year 1909-1910: T. F. Crane, Professor of the Romance Languages and Literatures,

Emeritus, April 1, 1909. E. G. Merritt, Dean of the Graduate School, May 18, 1909. H. J. Webber, Acting Director of the New York State College of

Agriculture, June 1, 1909. Graham Lusk, Professor of Physiology, January 23, 1909. I. Haynes, Professor of Practical Anatomy (promoted), April 3,

1909. M. W. Sampson, Professor of the English Language and Literature

and Head of the Department, April 3, 1909. W. Strunk, Jr., Professor of the English Language and Literature

(promoted), April 3, 1909. W. W. Comfort, Professor of the Romance Languages and Litera

tures and Head of the Department, April 3, 1909. E. W. Olmsted, Professor of the Romance Languages and Litera

tures, (promoted), April 3, 1909. H. A. Sill, Professor of Ancient History (promoted), April 3, 1909. H. C. Elmer and C. L. Durham, Professors of Latin (promoted),

June 17, 1909. 0. M. Brauner, Professor of Drawing and Painting in the College of

Architecture (promoted), June 17, 1909. C. F. Hirshfeld, Professor of Power Engineering in Sibley College

(promoted), June 17, 1909. G. D. Harris, Professor of Paleontology and Stratigraphic Geology

(promoted), June 17, 1909. E. W. Kemmerer, Professor of Economics and Finance (promoted),

June 17, 1909. G. W. Cavanaugh, Professor of Chemistry in its relations to Agricul

ture (promoted), June 17, 1909.

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