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3. The cranial investigations of Dr. Buchanan, new views of animal development and an entirely

from 1835 to 1841, contirmed nearly all the discover- new conception of statuesque conformation and ex-

ies of Gall, and corrected their inaccuracies as to pression.

anatomical location and psychic detination. He also 10. The magnitude and complexity of the new

discovered the locations of the external senses, and science thus introduced give an air of romance and

found the science thus corrected entirely reliable in incredibility to the whole subject, for nothing so

the study of character. In these results he had the comprehensive has ever before been scientifically

substantial concurrence of Dr. W. Byrd Powell, a attempted, and its magnitude is repulsive to conser-

gentleman of brilliant talents, the only efficient vative minds, to those who tolerate only slow

American cultivator of the science.

advances; but the marvellous character of an-

4. In 1841, Dr. Buchanan (having previously dis- thropology has not prevented its acceptance by

covered the organ of sensibility) investigated the all before whom it has been distinctly and fully

phenomena of sensitive constitutions, and found presented, for the singular ease and facility of the

that they were easily affected by contact with any demonstration is almost as marvellous as the all-

substance, and especially by contact with the hu- embracing character of the science, and the revolu-

man hand, so that the organic action of the brain tionary effects of its adoption upon every sphere of

was modified by the nervaura from the tingers, and human life. This warvellous character is most

every convolution could be made to manifest its extraordinary in its department of PSYCHOMETRY,

functions, whether psychic or physiological, and which teaches the existence of divine elements in

whether intellectual, emotional, volitional, or pas- man, powers which may be developed in millions,

sional, so as to make the subject of experiment by means of which mankind may hold the key to

amiable, irritable, intellectual, stupid, drowsy, all knowledge, to the knowledge of the indi.

hungry, restless, entranced, timid, courageous, sen- vidual characters of persons in any locality or any

sitive, hardy, morbid, insane, idiotic, or whatever age, of the history of nations and the geological his-

might be elicited from any region of the brain, and tory of the globe, the characters of all animals, the

also to control the physiological functions, inouity- properties of all substances, the nature of all dis-

ing the strength, sensibility, temperature, circula- eases and mental conditions, the mysteries of

tion, and pulse.

physiology, the hidden truths of astronomy, and

5.' These experiments have been continually the bidden truths of the spirit world. Marvellous

repeated from 1841 to 1887, and have commanded as it is, psychometry is one of the most demon.

unanimous assent to their truth from many com- strable of sciences, and the evidence of its truth is

mittees of investigation, and have during sixteen fully presented in the “Manual of Psychometry,"

years been regularly presented and accepted in while the statement and illustration of the doctrines

medical colleges; hence it is not improper to treat of anthropology were presented in the “System of

this demonstrated science of the brain as an estab- Anthropology", published in 1854, and will be

lished science, since the establishment of science again presented in the forthcoming work, “ Cere-

depends not upon the opinions of the ignorant, but bral Psychology," which will show how the doc-

upon the unanimous assent of its investigators or trines of anthropology are corroborated by the


labors of a score of the most eminent physiologists

6. As the brain contains all the elements of hu and vivisecting anatomists of the present time.

manity, tbeir revelation constitutes a complete If but one tonth part of the foregoing cautious

ANTHROPOLOGY, the tirat that has ever been pre- and exact statements were true in reference to an-

sented, and this science necessarily has its physio- thropology, its claims upon the attention of all

logical, psychic or social, and supernal or spiritual clear, honest thinkers, and all philanthropists,

departments. In its physiological department it would be stronger than those of any doctrine,

constitutes a vast addition to the medical sciences, science, or philanthropy now under investigation;

and essentially changes all the philosophy of med- and as those claims are well-endorsed and have ever

ical science, while it initiates many fundamental challenged investigation, their consideration is an

changes in practice, wbich have been adopted by imperative duty for all who recognize moral and

Dr. Buchanan's pupils. Hence it deserves the pro- religious responsibility, and do not confess them-

found attention of all medical schools.

selves helplessly enthralled by habit and prejudice.

7. In its psychic or social relations, anthropology Collegiate faculties may do themselves honor by

enables us to form correct estimates from develop- following the example of the Indiana State Univer-

ment of all vertebrate animals, of persons and of sity in investigating and honoring this science be-

nations, showing their merits and deficiencies, and fore the pablic, and thoughtful scholars may de

consequently the EDUCATION or legislation that is themselves honor by following the examples of Dei

needed. By showing the laws of correlation be- ton, Pierpont, Caldwell, Gatchell, Forry, an

tween persons, it establishes the scientific prin- Robert Dale Owen.

ciples of SOCIAL SCIENCE, and the possibilities of The discoverer has ever been ready to co-opera

human society. By explaining all the elements of with honorable inquirers, and has satisfied all w'

character and their operation, it establishes the have met bim as seekers of truth; a fact wh;

true MORAL PUILOSOPHY. By giving the laws of justifies the tone of contidence with which

development it formulates the true EDUCATION, speaks. The only serious obstacles he has e

and by giving the laws of expression it establishes encountered have been the mental inertia wł

the science of ORATORY and the PHILOSOPHY OF shuns investigation, the cunning cowardice wh

ART, making a more complete and scientific avoids new and not yet popular truths, and

expression of what was empirically observed by Del- moral torpor which is indifferent to the claim

sarte with remarkable success.

truth and duty when not enforced by public o

8. In its spiritual department, anthropology ion. When standing at the head of the lear

shows the relation of human life to the divine, of medical college of Cincinnati, he taught, del

terrestrial to supernal existence, and the laws of strated, and proclaimed, during ten years, wit)

their intercourse ; bence establishing scientific re- legiate sanction, for the medical profession

ligion and destroying superstition. It gives the doctrines which he now brings before the Ane

scientific principles of animal magnetism, spiritual people by scientific volumes (the "Manual of

ism, dreaming, insanity, and all extraor- cometry," “TH

Sarcognomy," and

dinary conditions of human nature.

"New Education"), and by the JOURNAL

9. In the department of SARCOGNOMY, anthro- Max, which, being devoted chiefly to the int

pology fully explains the triune constitution of tion of anthropology as the most effective

man, the relations of soul, brain, and body, thus of philanthropy, may justly claim the acti;

modifying medical and psychic' philosophy, and operation of the wise and good in promoting

establishing a new system of external therapeutics culation as the herald of the grandest reform.

for electric and nervauric practice, which have been have ever been proposed in the name and !

heretofore superficially empirical.' It also gives us authority of positive science.

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Vol. I. February 1887 to February, 1888.

Chapter III. Genesis of the Brain... 31-33

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A Modern Miracle-Worker.


Human Longevity.


Outlines of Anthropology Continued

Justice to the Indians...


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my of the Brain; Mesmeric Cures;

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Medical Despotism; The Dangerous

A True Poet – The Poetry of Peace

Classes; Arbitration; Criticism on the

and the Practice of War..


Church; Earthquakes and Predictions 19-22 The Volapuk Language.


Chapter II. Of Outlines of Anthropology; Progress of the Marvellous.


Structure of the Brain..

22-32 | Glances Round the World.



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