Antibiotic Discovery and Development

Thomas J. Dougherty, Michael J. Pucci
Springer Science & Business Media, 21 .. 2011 - 1127 ˹
This volume covers all aspects of the antibiotic discovery and development process through Phase II/III. The contributors, a group of highly experienced individuals in both academics and industry, include chapters on the need for new antibiotic compounds, strategies for screening for new antibiotics, sources of novel synthetic and natural antibiotics, discovery phases of lead development and optimization, and candidate compound nominations into development. Beyond discovery , the handbook will cover all of the studies to prepare for IND submission: Phase I (safety and dose ranging), progression to Phase II (efficacy), and Phase III (capturing desired initial indications). This book walks the reader through all aspects of the process, which has never been done before in a single reference. With the rise of antibiotic resistance and the increasing view that a crisis may be looming in infectious diseases, there are strong signs of renewed emphasis in antibiotic research. The purpose of the handbook is to offer a detailed overview of all aspects of the problem posed by antibiotic discovery and development.

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Part II Marketed Major Classes of Compounds
Part III The Rise of Antibiotic ResistanceResistance Mechanisms to Major Classes
Part IV Clinical Issues of Resistance Worst Offenders List of Problematic Microbes
Part VI Mycobacteria
Part VII Antibiotic Discovery
Part VIII Antibiotic Drug Development
Part IX The Economics and Incentives of Antibiotic Drug Discovery

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